For “The Nature Art Gallery”, an exhibition that has had you thinking about the themes of Real Estate, Architecture, and Exo-Sustainability in Sardinia

In the frame of ImmobilSarda-The Nature Art Gallery, “Abitare La Natura” wanted to think about themes like Real Estate, Architecture, Art and much more. The will was to propose solutions, materials, and technologies relevant to the most significant changes in the renewal of Sardina territory.
During Milano Design Week, from April 17 to 21, the exhibiton has been inaugurated and opened to the public at ImmobilSarda office, as well as location of The Nature Art Gallery, in Milan. There will also be 3 night-events, a multi-sensory travel among unique tastes and flavours.

JS Art Glass House futuristic vision

The Mirror Space, designed by Arch. Ayllòn, has interested the exhibiton public that has enliven Immobilsarda Milanese office. This sensory box is realized thanks to the wise use of wood and glass, and it represents the JS Art Glass House exterior porch. The guests had the chance to be welcomed inside and get carried away by the Sardinian herbs scents, living for just an instant this new architectural reality.  The ability of showing the amazing potentiality of a life with no border towards the lack of solid wall to restrict the sight has hit the bull’s eye. This is one of the most important value of the project: a new architecture, with no physic or ideological limits, capable to integrate with the environment.

Great participation to the Night-Events

Sardinia expresses its beauty, passion and culture not only in the idea of living, but also in its ancient cuisine tradition. For this reason 3 tasting events have been planned, inspired by the earth elements that charm all those who visit Sardinian nature. The theme nights (Earth, Water and Air) have celebrated the isle excellencies offering typical products and high-quality wines. A positive response of public has also created great curiosity over this aspect, almost ignored, about the most beautiful Mediterranean island.

The winning mix “Ancient-New”

“Abitare La Natura” experience has showed new roads toward unexplored etichal horizons. On one side has been exhibited the excellent tradition, a root culture handed down generation after generation in respect of its historical value; on the other side a concept of moral value has been shown, expressed by the Mirror Space design and the JS Art Glass House project, a new way of living, based up on the respect of man and nature. Sardinia and ImmobilSarda, that has always promoted a vision of “good” living, make themself promoters of this important values. Modern age has to deal with these themes, every day more urgent and pressing. To be really true, to live can not be separated from the idea of sustainability and eco-friendly, anymore.

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