For “The Nature Art Gallery”, an exhibition that invites to think about the themes of Real Estate, Architecture, and Exo-Sustainability in Sardinia

In the frame of ImmobilSarda-The Nature Art Gallery, “Abitare La Natura” wants to think about themes like Real Estate, Architecture, Art and much more. The will is to propose solutions, materials, and technologies relevant to the most significant changes in the renewal of Sardina territory.
During Milano Design Week, from April 17 to 21, the exhibiton will be inaugurated and open to the public at ImmobilSarda office, as well as location of The Nature Art Gallery, in Milan. Here you will live a voyage across these themes of primary importance, with interesting projects and installation that will be discolosed. During this time there will also be 3 night-events – April 18, 19 & 20 – around the excellences of Sardinian cousine. A multi-sensory travel among unique tastes and flavours.

The Projects and the Installations

JS Art Glass House

From the vision of Architect Julio Cesar Ayllòn borns this design that will be the absolut protagonist of the exhibition.
The JS Art Glass-House will be a bio-climatic house, beautiful and contemporary, where there is no walls, just Mediterranean maquis and panorama.
This is a design that shows glass-walls face to face with the sea, with an incredbile view thought to be not interrupted.
To represent a portion of this visionary design, inside Immobilsarda spaces will be installed a mirror-space portraying its patio. The shown prism will give the perception of being in a new world, one that allows to live fully Sardinia that is land, air, stone, sea.

Homage to Mario Merz

To celebrate master Mario Merz works, well-known exponent of “poor art”, the exhibition will honor him thanks to “Agavi” carved by the famous Chelita Rioja Zuchermann and by Merz’s photographs taken by the artist Massimo Golfieri during one of their meetings.

The Creators’s Words

Giancarlo Bracco, about Immobilsarda ethic values

«Today, the challenge in Sardinia is the integration between nature and architecture, throughout contemporary and sustainable projects, capable both of luring international clients and of enanching traditional architecture and excellences». Thus has declared Giancarlo Bracco, founder of Immobilsarda – a firm protagonist for more than 40 years in the Real Estate market, in expert advice and in Sardinian property finding. «ImmobilSarda philosphy» he continues «starts from the idea that turistic properties do not answer to a residential need but more to the existential and emotional needs linked to the wellness, to the quality-life and to Man-Nature realtion. For this reason we have conceive “Abitare La Natura” during Milan Design Week, to propose these themes to a wide international public».

Julio Cesar Ayllòn, about the shown prism and his architecture

«A box within a box, that invites to reflect surrounded by the silence, immersed in the scents of Sardinian nature. To create this small space in downtown Milan, means to me to pass a man-like architecture, with its rational and emotional needs».

A Unique Occasion To Discover Immobilsarda Proposal

ImmobilSarda, with this project linked to The Nature Art Gallery, will try to bring its public to think about a new era of architecture, a new innovative one linked to the idea of comfort, privacy and sustainability. This with the use of its most precious real estate proposals and new residential design in Gallura – Costa Smeralda. As Giancarlo Bracco said «Gallura is unique in its potentiality, communicating it by the Real Estate market is ImmobilSarda strength».

The exhibit will be open to public from April 17 to 21. Sponsor of the event in co-marketing with Immobilsarda will be Ecos Edilizia, Falegnameria Bussu Arredamenti and Diversa.

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