Sardinia in September: a mix of Nature, Flavours and Architecture

Sardinia is not just a summer island: it has a lot to offer in every season of the year. In autumn, nature offers unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, the plants change their appearance and get dressed in orange, the birds migrate to other beaches and the fauna, marine and land, begin preparations for the winter. In this exciting environment, thanks to the pleasant climate of the autumn season, you will discover aspects of Sardinia that are still unexplored for you. In fact, this is an island shaped by a strong attachment to its historical roots, which date back to the Courses and to the Romans. The stazzi, typical houses of the island, recall this historical past as well as its traditional flavours: the malloreddus, the Sardinian fregola, the culurgiones and the porceddu are just some examples.

Travel & Advantage (Viaggio & Vantaggio)

To allow you to discover all the thousand nuances of Sardinia, Immobilsarda has created an exclusive initiative for you: the “Viaggio & Vantaggio” (Travel & Advantage). Customers interested in buying a property in Sardinia will have the opportunity to stay our guests for 3 nights in one of our facilities and be able to visit in person the properties of their interest. Our Property Finders & Luxury Specialists will be your cicerone and will guide you in your important research.
For the occasion, at the Sabores Restaurant, a culinary exhibition called “Settembre del Gusto” will be inaugurated. You will thus be able to discover the vast culinary tradition of the island and taste its most genuine flavours.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to book your tailor-made “Travel & Advantage”, we are waiting for you!


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