Leonardo Horse Project | The Grand Opening

A night of design

Yesterday, April 10/2019, there was the “Leonardo Horse Project” Grand Opening at Ippodromo San Siro: a night of design, art and culture, that has been among the best of all during Milan Design Week 2019.

The Grand Opening of “Leonardo Horse Project”, the venture to celebrate Leonardo Da Vinci genius in the 500th anniversary of his death, was the perfect moment to remember and narrate the story of Leonardo’s Horse: the inventor had to create the most impressive equestrian monument for Ludovico il Moro that wanted to honour his dead father, Francesco Sforza. But Leonardo could never finish its work due to French invasion and his consequent escape from Milan. We have had to wait for the ’90ies to see the work realization by the hands of the USA artist Nina Akamu. Today, her marvellous piece of art stands in front of the Ippodromo San Siro entrance and can be enjoyed by everyone.

To celebrate the man, the myth and the legend, during the night there has been a video show, the unveiling of the anticipated 13 horse reproductions, a short speech of both the Mayor Beppe Sala and Snaitech AD Lele Sacchi, and then a public DJ Set with beverages.

Ippodromo & Design: a perfect union

Promoted by Snaitech, property of San Siro Ippodromo, the Grand Opening was intended to be an incentive to make this place ideal to cultural meetings. <<The 4.000 people here tonight, added to the thousands that have visited the Ippodromo during the past 3 years, testify that our effort (to revamp the Ippodromo) was successful: not only the San Siro Ippodromo Snai has become a meeting place for citizen and families, but it has also all the right characteristics to become a new district of Milan Design Week.>> These were last night words of Snaitech AD Lele Sacchi.
To this success have participated not only the sponsor but even the artists and designers that have made the artistic reproductions of Leonardo’s Horse: 13 design horses, placed surrounding the majestic Leonardo equestrian monument and illuminated by the amazing Ippodromo lights. These design masterpieces will remain here until the Design Week is over; then, they will be placed in the most iconic location around Milan.

ImmobilSarda promotes Art and Creative Genius

ImmobilSarda is among the artistic promoters that, with the wise hand of artist Vito Nesta, have participated to realize the “Leonardo Horse Project”. The result is “La Prospettiva di Perdimento”, the charming Vito Nesta reproduction, that sees painted on the horse the landscape of Gioconda; the idea is to celebrate Leonardo Da Vinci in the most profound and absolute way.
Tomorrow, Friday 12 April, just for Immobilsarda, Vito Nesta will be here in our Showroom to explain personally its work.

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