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In Costa Smeralda, there is the greater presence of pools per capita than in any other place in Sardinia, and the premise that the pool increases the value and improves the appearance of the property puts buyers and owners in perfect accord.

Usually, if a house is located at an inconvenient distance from the beaches, for many people the pool is the ideal solution for relaxation suited to their needs, especially for those who want to avoid the chaos of traffic and parking in periods that the beaches are extremely crowded.

In some real estate markets, a swimming pool substantially impacts the value of a villa, not merely for an indisputable aesthetic factor but also thanks to the added value of the privacy it can ensure.

Contrariwise, in many tourist and residential areas, the buildings that do not have one, fall in default point that decreases the value, especially if all the other villas around are provided of it.

Villa Sa Sposa – Liscia di Vacca

The value of the pools changes according to its structure, the position, and the size, so as to be proportionate to the outdoor spaces and not overload the garden. The design must remain an integral part of the properties, and at the same time do not divert too much focus from it

Modern designs often blend harmoniously with the surrounding garden thanks to the use of local materials, such as granite rocks and hand-cut stone paths, all in order to make the pool an extension of the villa. That becomes the Bio pool.

The Natural Pools

The bio-pool, or natural pool, fits perfectly with the architecture philosophy of integration with the territory of Gallura, and this is why now it’s a “must” in the real estate market in Costa Smeralda.

Making use of the precious local materials and in some cases the splendid granite rocks, characteristic of the Costa Smeralda, it is possible to create real corners of paradise, immersed and camouflaged in the beautiful Mediterranean lush.

Stazzu Shergan – San Pantaleo

This innovative technique allows the creation of pools of incomparable beauty, perfectly inserted in any natural context, hand tailored during construction.

Each pool is in fact entirely handly made, based on a reference model that is adapted and interpreted by the experience, skill, and craftsmen empathy, in balance with the owner needs

The Advantages

There are many benefits that can be gained from choosing a bio-pool. In the biological or natural pools the potential of natural substances and organisms is exploited in such a way as to minimize environmental impact and privilege a perfect integration with the surrounding setting, starting above all from the design of the pools in full respect of the orography of the places, trying not to create contrasts with the landscape.

Villa Camelia – Costa Smeralda

In addition to greater eco-sustainability, there are also undoubted benefits from an economic and consumption point of view as well.

Maintenance of traditional pool involves many upkeep costs, electricity expense, huge amounts of water used, considerable amounts of water cleaning chemical products, which in addition to being highly polluting, often have a bothersome smell and are potentially allergenic.

The bio pools are conceived to fit different natural environments using various filtering and sterilization system, sometimes recreating a lacustrine environment through the using of aquatic plants for water purification

In fact, some of these plants feed on pollutants such as phosphorus or nitrogen, other water plants filter substances that muddies the water, and some others backdrop plants are oxygen producers.

Magnificent Panorama Estate – Porto Rotondo

Top Pools

Other types of bio-pools are designed to reproduce a marine environment with real white sand and salt water. These kinds of pools boast crystal-clear marine water with their incredible color shades, allowing lucky owners to have a real beach corner in the garden.

Moreover, due to a filtration technology system and water sterilization, these pools can reduce the using of maintenance products up to five times compared to a traditional pool, reducing energy expenses and allowing the cleaning of water with solely organic products.

Villa Carla Felice – Porto Cervo

Finally, these types of swimming pools do not require seasonal water replacement, and in the eventuality of extraordinary maintenance, the water can be held in storage tanks and also used for garden irrigation.

Fortunately, you can buy a house with a swimming pool at affordable prices in the Gallura and Costa Smeralda real estate market, discover our proposals.

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