12 aprile 2019 – Discovering Leonardo’s Genius – The Nature Art Gallery

On April 12th Immobilsarda will tell at his permanent Milan Showroom why he joined the Leonardo Horse Project, a key initiative of Milan Design Week 2019, and will present its The Nature Art Gallery with a selection of the most exciting new real estate projects in the real estate scene of Gallura – Costa Smeralda.
Guest of the Open House evening will be the artist Vito Nesta who customized one of the horses for the project “Leonardo Horse Project” and will explain to the guests the meaning of his interpretation, inspiration and the reasons that guided him inside this operation.

From 6.30 pm welcome cocktail

A welcome cocktail offered by the CIPNES Regional Authority, already Immobilsarda partner, will delight the palate of the guests who will have the opportunity to taste the excellence of the local cuisine, with products linked to the primordial elements of the Sardinian region. A multi-sensory journey in search of unique tastes and flavors and an invitation to discover how much beauty, passion and culture Sardinia expresses during its history, also through food.
Our Gallery will be open to the public from Tuesday 9 April to Friday 12 April.

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