“Sardinia, Quality for Longevity” great success for the event in the ImmobilSarda Showroom in Milan

The 31 of January and the 1° of February ImmobilSarda had the pleasure to host in its historical showroom in Milan in Via Visconti di Modrone two magnificent events, that brought here in the city tastes, flavours and Sardinian cooking traditions.
The event “Sardinia, Quality for Longevity” was a first step to a long partnership with the new promotional platform of the Sardinian excellences: INSULA.

ImmobilSarda thanks all the guests that collaborated to make this a successful event, promising to meet again with you and Insula in Sardinia and Milan, to continue our journey to discover the beauty and the traditions of our island.

A solid relationship unites ImmobilSarda and INSULA, two reality that work in different fields but that join the same ideals and purpose: the enhancement and the promotion of the Sardinian excellences and traditions.
Indeed the food farming products have an important role in the daily life of Sardinian inhabitants, Region that was inserted in the restricted group of the areas called “Blue Zones”, those territories with the highest longevity’s rate in all the world.
“Longevity” and “Green Food” are the base of the philosophy and the work of INSULA, that is translated in the promotion of the “healthy life”, in a physic and mental wellness lifestyle, worth that ImmobilSarda enhance on the territory since 1974.

Our offices have been masterfully prepared by the staff of CIPNES and by LAORE agency, to present as best the Sardinian flavours and craftmanship pieces, and to recreate in the showroom an emotional path through Sardinian cooking traditions.

These two soirees have been a fundamental meeting moment between food operators and productors with buyers, stakeholder and the restaurant and GDO operators.
The team INSULA explained step by step the philosophy and the purposes of the promotional platform, through a matching activity where promoters talked with important exponents of the organized distribution and with politicians of Gallura territory.

During the events we tasted traditional flavours revisited by the wise hands of the Chef Pierluigi Fais, that has been a “Cicerone” of the high Sardinian cooking.
To enhance the dishes some high qualities wines 100% Sardinian production. The fregola, the panadas, the “homemade salami”, are only some dishes that represent a Sardinia rich of natural flavours to discover.
A similar production is nowadays hard to find but common in Gallura – Costa Smeralda: we have to find the reasons in environmental laws that preserve since years ago Sardinian region, and in particular the food farming products, and that allows farmers to work with a land still natural and not polluted, and to offers to public natural products with no chemical agents.

ImmobilSarda and INSULA had the pleasure to meet and welcome important figures as the well-known European parliament’s member Stefano Maullu, in addition to important personalities operating in Sardinia as the presidents of the “Consorzio Costa Smeralda” and “Consorzio Porto Rafael”, Renzo Persico and Dietmar Uber, the major of Arzachena Roberto Ragnedda, the town premier Rino Cudoni and the president of the SmeraldaHolding Mario Ferraro.

This event is only the beginning of a long collaboration between ImmobilSarda and INSULA, different realties linked by the same love for a beautiful land, Sardinia.
A partnership that will continues with other soirees in the next months in Sardinia and Milano, dedicated to discovering the marvels that make this land unique and, for those that known it, unforgettable.

ImmobilSarda doors’ are still opens here in Milan for those that want to see Sardinian Eno gastronomic specialities, craftmanship and the Sardinian food farming products; a real journey through tastes, culture and beautiful properties that ImmobilSarda Property Finders have selected for lovers of wellness.

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