The link between Architecture and Wellness in the most fascinating residences in the world

Contemporary architecture in recent decades has been influenced by issues such as the well-being of living, quality of life and the well-being of man and his health. Today more than ever it is evident how much the architectural field is linked to the themes of wellbeing and health in its holistic definition – physical, mental, emotional and social.

In recent years, a new awareness has emerged towards aspects such as sustainability, ecology, quality of life and well-being.

The architecture of the house today is evolving, is adapting to this approach, becoming more ethical and  linked to respect for the planet and the environment but is also more focused on man, his needs and his well-being.

In a recent article on its Luxury Defined blog, Christie’s International Real Estate tells, in the words of architectural historian Mohammad Gharipour, how historically one of the most important factors influencing architectural thought has always been health.

This correspondence is tangible in some of the most prestigious real estate properties in the world.

The Peninsula Estate, in Porto Cervo is an example of contemporary architecture wisely inserted in the landscape in full respect of the natural environment and with access to its natural surroundings