The strong link between Luxury Real Estate and Fine Art

01_Costa Smeralda_Villa_Liscia di VaccaThe relationship between the world of Real Estate and the fine art is based on a deep assonance that reconnects to the idea of the rare good and the values of the beauty and spirituality.

There are a number of factors that can help explain the phenomenon whereby many luxury homes can be considered as true works of art, the most important of which concern the emotions they arise. As well as a work of art provokes vivid emotions in those who admire it, luxury houses must be able to convey the same feelings and emotions to those who live there.

Immobilsarda’s strategy is precisely to try to understand the perspective of potential clients who seek not the purchase of a simple property, but a real experience of wellbeing and quality of life. These features are easy to be found in the setting of Gallura Costa Smeralda, where the combination of environmental quality, fine architectural design and service excellence is a certainty.
Here the house is just the frame of a much more valuable gem, formed by nature itself. The refined values of the good life are embodied in uninterrupted space where the crystal clear sea and the horizon merge, in the absence of barriers and industrial facilities.
Thanks to these unique values, the villas pieds dans l’eau inChristie's Costa Smeralda reach quotations that are not understandable if not related to the lifestyle experience they offer.
The exclusive partnership for Sardinia with Christie’s International Real Estate, the branch of the famous auction house Christie’s specialized in real estate, has precisely the objective of strengthening the synergy between the real estate and the art world, ensuring the properties sold by Immobilsarda an international visibility towards a selected audience of potential customers.
Thanks to the bespoke marketing tools, personalized and exclusive, the collaboration with Christie‘s is the concrete guarantee to touch a privileged niche of customers interested in art, luxury and beauty in all its many forms and facets.
An affiliation in the wake of luxury that has been lasting for several years and represents the certainty of an investment in excellence.