“Arte in Porto”: every Thursday a cocktail-art event

After the great success of the opening-night, “Arte in Porto” continues with new splendid events. Starting next Thursday every August Thursday there will special event art & music events at  PortoRotondo78 showroom.


It starts this Thursday (10 August) from 20.00 with a “cocktail-art” night: you will be able to try tasty cocktail while meeting two incredible artists.

Roberto Marongiu, a Swiss painter with Sardinian roots who defines his genre as “Neo Happy Pop” and inspires himself to  contemporary and recent artists

Paolo Anselmo, a Sardinian ceramist who has exposed his works in France where he is really appreciated, like in his native land, and was defined as “primordial, archetype and mnemonic”.


Immobilsarda shares with this two artist the passion for art and is sure that you will be amazed by their profile and their exposed works.
A VJ Set performed by Punkomat Project will accompany you through all the night.


Guest of the night of 17/08 will be Eliane Aerts, a belgian portraitist who has made, for years now, Gallura – Costa Smeralda her chosen land. Daughter of a great belgian painter, Eliane Aerts, she has been introduced to art and colour since her very first years when, under her father’s guidance, she began to learn the basic principles of pencils and colours.

She attended the “Accademia di Belle Arti di Anversa” and then in Paris the “Accademia della Grande Chaumiers”. After many artistic experiences in Provence, Spain, Germany and Denmark, Eliane Aerts lands in San Pantaleo which becomes her second home, where she becomes famous as interior-designer and for her works shared with the most important architects of Costa Smeralda.


The 24 of August will see performing in a 432 Hz live concert the Jyotishmati Project, formed by Matteo Giorgioni at piano and Lisa Frassi at Vocal & Loop Sation.
As usual, you will be able to taste great cocktails and see all the works featured in Arte in Porto


ImmobilSarda welcomes to you to Arte in Porto: come discover the artists, their works, the fantastic showroom PortoRotondo78 and the exclusive lifestyle envisioned and provide by the apartments of PortoRotondo78