A Christmas Expo is still open until 31st January. Discover all the artists and see the pics of the exhibition.

A Christmas Expo exhibition Immobilsarda

A Christmas Expo is the exhibition of contemporary that reinterprets the Christmas tree through the language of art. It will be open until 31st January 2018 in the new Milan art gallery in Via Visconti di Modrone 29. It was inaugurated by Immobilsarda a few days ago during a pleasant evening party, accompanied by a light cocktail with renowned wines and homemade Sardinian cuisine. Discover the artists and see some pics of the party.

Exhibitions in Milan: A Christmas Expo

Pablo Pinxit, HYBRIS, 2017, serigraphs 20x20 cm, 50 x 150 cm.
Pablo Pinxit, HYBRIS, 2017

The collective exhibition A Christmas Expo the glittering branches of the Christmas tree – is only the first of the many events scheduled in the new Immobilsarda’s exhibition space in the heart of Milan: the contemporary art gallery “The Nature Art Gallery”. It is in the Milan showroom of the Gallura-Emerald Coast property finder.

The exhibition was opened together with the gallery. Here you can find more details on this new exhibition space in Milan and on why Immobilsarda decided to open an art gallery in Milan. The inauguration of The Nature Art Gallery on 14th December 2017 was a chance to meet the loyal clientele and promote a new idea of real estate between art, architecture and environment with a strong appeal to Sardinia.

buffet with typical Sardinian products
Light cocktail of the chef Giovanni Piga

The Gallura and the Emerald Coast were represented by the scents and tastes of wine and cuisine of Sardinia. The Sardinian chef Giovanni Piga arranged for the guests a seafood and meat buffet, to bring together the two souls of our wonderful island: salami, cheeses like ricotta and pecorino, fish eel. There were also the traditional sweets, the papassini. All this accompanied by fine red wine and Vermentino, a typical wine of Gallura.

The Christmas tree in the artists’ imagination

Fabio Pietrantonio, Natural Love, 2017, mixed technique on cardboard, with the use of fabric, paper, rope and copper leaf, 212 x 162 cm.
Fabio Pietrantonio, Natural Love, 2017

10 international artists have translated the Christmas tree into works of art. The art gallery of Immobilsarda and its showroom will be immersed until the end of January in a warm and original Christmas atmosphere, made of pop bright and abstract trees. A Christmas Expo blends painting, sculpture and photography to create an enchanted world halfway between tradition and innovation.

Why the Christmas tree? As it is the emblem of tradition and of Christmas games. It allows us to relive memories and emotions experienced. Each tree is a metaphor of life but also a symbol of nature. There are many and famous works of art in which the tree represents the link between earth, air and light. See what some of the artists involved say:

Christmas is a timeless place, a meeting of souls and feelings, of awareness and where you take stock of your life. It is the tale of the harmony and synergy of the human being; it tells the passing of time and belief in miracles. – Antonio La Rosa

For me the Christmas tree means solidity, bond, branching and simplicity. – Alessandro Lobino

The tree represents the need of a better future, and Christmas is a way to bring the attention to nature through art. The Christmas tree is the festival of all the trees that with ancient wisdom give love. – Fabio Pietrantonio

A Christmas Expo. List of the works on show.

  • Eliane Aerts (Belgium), Noël en poésie, oil.
  • Claus Joans (Italy), Mobile Christmas tree, stainless steel, polycarbonate and aluminum.
  • Antonio La Rosa (Italy), Iron Plots, iron.
  • Alessandro Lobino (Italy), FAR FROM THE FOREST, Ras Ghurab Island, Resin and bread on wood.
  • Adolfo Maciocco (Italy), Worm Christmas Tree, printing on aluminum; “Vortici 1, 2,” printing on aluminum; photo taken from “Liquid Dreams”, printing on aluminum.
  • Fabio Pietrantonio (Italy), Natural Love, mixed media on cardboard, by using tissue, paper, rope and copper leaf.
  • Pablo Pinxit (Argentina), HYBRIS, 2017. Work made by skill-screen printings.
  • Chelita Riojas Zuckermann (Mexico), Christmas Pine Cone, aluminum; Magic Star, aluminum.
  • Nicola Rota, “Girano le Scatole”, steel.
  • Roberto Tadini (Italy), Tree of Mamuthones.

Upcoming exhibitions at The Nature Art Gallery

Real estate agency Milan
Immobilsarda’s showroom in Milan

Upcoming exhibitions in Milan will cover painting, photography, screenings of documentaries and video installations. The leitmotif will be the dialogue between man and nature. A relationship that over centuries has always been hard, but that we wish to support and promote with optimism.

The aim is to give rise to a greater awareness on environmental sustainability through art. This issue is very important for Immobilsarda. We strongly believe that real estate, architecture and nature can coexist. For this reason, we carefully select the villas and apartments for sale in Gallura-Emerald Coast. Immobilsarda also shares events like this, such as the global project for the protection of oceans and the sea. We are the sponsor of the forum One Ocean of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

We look forward to seeing you soon in our contemporary art gallery. A Christmas Expo will be open until 31st December 2018 inside the showroom in Via Visconti di Modrone 29, right in the town center. Follow the blog to be always up to date on upcoming events and exhibitions in Milan and Emerald Coast.

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