A new awareness to see the future.

Never has the link between Architecture and Well­being, Architecture and Sustainability, Architecture and Health been so topical] and recurrent. In recent years, a newfound awareness has led to the emergence of a new sensitivity to aspects such as sustainability, ecology, quality of life and living.

Contemporary architecture has been influenced by issues such as the wellness of living & quality of life and the mental wellbeing of man and his health. Today, more than ever, it is evident how much the architectural field is linked to the themes of wellbeing and health in its various facets: physical, mental, emotional, and social.

The architecture of the house today is becoming increasingly ethical, it is linked to respect for the planet and the environment, but it is also more focused on man, his needs, and his well-being: today we speak of eco-architecture, neuro-architecture, and modem homes tell of man, his needs in living and experiencing the spaces and the context and speak of new awareness to see the future.

In this insert we are proud to introduce some of the most innovative projects in Gallura – Costa Smeralda that reflect this philosophy, synonymous with a unique style, authentic and sustainable architecture, and in harmony with individual surroundings.

They offer an intelligent approach to bespoke Services and promote a culture of well-being in Sardinia, one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Italy and in the Mediterranean, a symbol of longevity, wellness, wine and food tradition of excellence, good living and beauty but also of cultural and artistic excellence.