For The Nature Art Gallery, “Abitare La Natura” is an exhibition that invites to think about the themes of Real Estate, Architecture, and Exo-Sustainability in Sardinia

In the frame of ImmobilSarda-The Nature Art Gallery, “Abitare La Natura” wants to think about themes like Real Estate, Architecture, Art and much more. The will is to propose solutions, materials, and technologies relevant to the most significant changes in the renewal of Sardina territory.
During Milano Design Week, from April 17 to 21, the exhibiton will be inaugurated and open to the public at ImmobilSarda office, as well as location of The Nature Art Gallery, in Milan. Here you will live a voyage across these themes of primary importance, with interesting projects and installation that will be discolosed.

The nights-event that will enliven the exhibition


During the exhibition, there will also be 3 nights-event around the excellences of Sardinian cousine in which will be presented the best of Sardinian production, that links with the primordial elements of its territory: earth, air, stone, and sea. A multi-sensory travel among unique tastes and flavours. This is a stimulus  to discover how much beauty, passion and culture expresses Sardinia through its food tradition.
The 3 taste events concerns the elements that charm whoever sees the isle nature:

Earth Night | FIRE Element
April 18 ∼ 18.00 – 23.00

1) Artisan Cured Meat
I Salis di Michelangelo Salis
2) Pecorino and Caprino Cheeses
Casa Fadda 1886
3) Special Marmelades
Venatura di Giusi Ventura
Sa Panada Srl
5) Aranzadas
Enoteca Club
The ancient rough earth that translates into the fire strength.

Sea Night | WATER Element
April 19 ∼ 18.00 – 23.00

1) Artisan Mreca
2) Muggine Bottarga
3) Tuna Bottarga
4) Seasoned And Cured Fish
Natural Sarda
5) Carloforte Tuna
6) Papassini
Enoteca Club
The sea with its multiple shades that recalls the sound of water.

Sky Night | AIR Element
April 20 ∼ 18.00 – 23.00

1) Special Breads
2) In oil Asparagus
3) Wild Artichokes and Cardoons
4) Wild Fava Beans and Chards
F.lli Pinna
5) Excellent Oils Taste
Accademia Olearia
Enoteca Club
The Sky as the horizon that carries in the air its wild herbs scents.

«Sardinia» as Mrs. Marisa Usai, Sabores manager,ImmobilSarda restaurant in Portobello di Gallura, has declared« is not loved just for its scents, its culture, its history, its sea and its nature, but also for its food and ancient tradition. Sardinia and its food exscellences are absolute protagonist that prove its simple but never ordinary style. With Sabores we want to sensitize to greater care about food naturalness, to retrieve our genuine cuisine».

“Because life is so sweet in Sardinia…”

Each of the 3 taste night will be combined with the marvellous Sella & Mosca wines and with the unique San Martino water. Both the sponsor can boast a glorious past and a present, if possible, even more successful.
The love and respect of nature, the fil rouge of ImmobilSarda philosophy, is reflected in this proposal. Eating is not just a mere nourishment: it is a politcal, economical, biological, social and cultural act.