Adolfo Maciocco at The Nature Art Gallery

Adolfo Maciocco – photos from the series “Liquid Dreams”
Prints on aluminum


The photographer Adolfo Maciocco, born in Olbia in1976, afterward traveling the world in search of beauty, found it right in the submarine abysses.

Inspired by the seas of Egypt in Honduras and Thailand, he is back in 2015 to his native land where he matures the path taken with underwater photography and where he dedicates himself to various categories of professional photography.

Maciocco creates images characterized by dynamism and a poetic dash, the result of his search for light filtered through water.

It takes the viewer beyond the dream threshold through his pictures.

Brags collaborative projects with the diving world champion Davide Carrera and promising ballet dancer, Diletta Antolini that in front of the surreal marine horizon reveal themselves with features and harmonic bodies producing sounds and vibrations in the observer’s mind as if they were animated.

The magic of the photos he propounds is a part of the magical world of an artist who for forty years trying to remove the sea from her eyes.


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