At Westin Palace, Fiabci Italia Christmas dinner

On December 11th the traditional Fiabci Italia Christmas dinner was held at the Westin Palace in Milan.
Cena FiabciThe event was preceded by the usual year-end members meeting , an opportunity to consider the various activities of the past months and lay the groundwork for future action.

At this time , when the market looks increasingly to the international context , FIABCI should act as a real market place / business point; the quid that makes Fiabci different from other associations in the area is that it is a network for the exchange of concrete business opportunities. Attend in the events, is for members, a priceless investment in know-how and knowledge as well as a time to develop concrete synergies and collaborations.

It is then passed to the central theme of the open letter sent a few weeks ago to the Italian Government, on the theme of the Golden Visa. FIABCI Italia , according to its forward-looking vision, that comes from being present and active on international markets, sees the new Golden Visa regulations as a means to open up the market, revive the Real Estate and the socio-economic recovery .

The purpose of the letter is to bring a witness and concrete proposal to push the government to act promptly in order to encourage foreign investment in the Italian real estate, through regulatory measures that provide tax breaks and grant residence permits to those who invest in our country.

After the meeting the members moved to the Westin Palace for dinner.

Cena FiabciInside the welcoming “ Sala Verdi ” there was a buffet with delicatessen , dry snacks and olives, crisps and hot pizzas. It was followed by dinner with rich dishes: appetizers , pasta with peppery bacon , artichokes and pecorino and excellent cod with lentils. Last but not least the classic Panettone and Pandoro accompanied by the typical Christmas sweets and sorbets. A culinary experience of the first order.
During dinner the guests were entertained by the pleasant show of Walter Vitiello singer and magician who has left, once again, everyone speechless .
A wonderful evening of conviviality and good humor , dedicated to the exchange of greetings ahead of the upcoming holiday season.