Alessandro Lobino at The Nature Art Gallery


24,6087680 – 54,5398570 Ras Ghurab Island.
Resin and bred on wood, 50 x 50 x 13 cm.


Alessandro Lobino was born in 1975 in Turin (TO), but since 2004 he lives and works in Sardinia in the small town of Budoni.

After gaining his academic studies and specialization in painting techniques, he is intensely interested in artistic experimentation leaving getting through the poetics of contemporary painting and sculpture.

The curiosity about everything that is commonly “discarded” fascinates him. He made his debut in the early 90s with issues related theories and bureaucracies national and international policies. In these years, his portraits and self-portraits depicting well-known personalities appear as visual translations of Franz Kafka‘s writings.

Since its debut, the artist elaborates a poetics focused on the manipulation and transformation of the body, Alessandro Lobino at The Natural Art Gallery theme is completely outside the classical philosophy and approaches finally to a constant experimentation with materials, through careful and scrupulous pictorial research, he expresses his vision towards “brain decay”.

In the early 2000s, his language is expressed mainly by two opposite materials for composition and for their history.

The Bread and the resin. They created the “Freezings”.