Antonio La Rosa at The Nature Art Gallery



Antonio La Rosa Italy, 1976
Iron Plots. 2016
Iron, 80 x 93 x 160 cm


Antonio La Rosa, born in Carbonia on April the 18th, Easter Sunday of 1976, growing at Calasetta, on a tiny island southwest of Sardinia; he moved to Rome to study acting with maestro Carlo Merlo and then in Los Angeles with acting coach Bernard Hiller.

In this international experiences he began his artistic career improving himself and following in the footsteps of popular painters in Italy and Germany; later, he also dedicated himself to sculpture with stone, wood and, finally, with iron, as if he wanted to pay homage to coppersmith tradition of his family.

The meeting the stone master Pinuccio Sciola greatly enriched his artistic career. In less than a decade, he exhibited his art handicraft in various Italian and European cities including Cagliari, Catanzaro, Piacenza, Rome, Milan, Nice.


2016 – Sporchiamoci le mani di Vita, seven events with a participation of about 850 people.


Personal Art Exhibitions

2017 -Sentieri Sospesi, Azimut (under contruction)
2016 -Iron Plots, Museum of  Villasimius
2016 -Solitudini Metropolitane, Museo del Crudo, San Sperate
2015 -Equilibri Instabili, Contemporary art Museum ExMà, Cagliari
2014 -Sguardi Interiori, Open Space Lakimi, Roma
2013 -Sguardi Unteriori, Open Space, Cagliari
2012 -Passaggi d’una Civiltà, Sugar Club Theatre, Roma
2011 -L’evoluzione della Specie, Costa Paradiso
– L’evoluzione della Specie, Whim Cafè, Calasetta
– Arte e Vini, Boscolo Aleph Hotel, Roma
– Unicità d’Italia, Macro Testaccio, Roma
– Una Finestra nel Mondo, Loft V. Taranto, Roma
– Una Finestra nel Mondo, l’approdo, Vibo marina
– Scorci Metropolitani, Bella vì, Catanzaro


Collective Art Exhibitions

2018 – A Christmas Expo – The Glittering Branches Of The Christmas, The Nature Art Gallery, Milano
2017 – CalasettArt 2017, MACC_Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Calasetta
2016 – Timiama, Antonio La Rosa e Bob Marongiu, Villasimius
2010 – Cinque Pittori alla Torre, Torre Civica, Calasetta
2009 – Voyage dans le Couleur, Villa Magdalena, Nizza
2008 – Biennial selection of Contemporary Art OF Rome, Braceschi Gallery, Piacenza

-I Ritrattisti, Il Borgo Gallery, Milano


Street Art Painting
2016 – Wall painting made of 40 sqm, Meamigos production; donated to town San Sperate museum with the approval of stone master Pinuccio Sciola.