Arch. Julio Cesar Ayllon for The Nature Art Gallery


Born in La Plata, Buenos Aires, October 5, 1964, the architect Julio César Ayllón has obtained a degree in urban planning and architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism dell’UNLP, Argentina in 1989.

He also attended a university in the European Union, studying interior design in Paris at the Ecole Camondo des Arts Décoratifs, and finally also in Italy, obtaining a degree in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1998 to obtain the qualification in Italy, at the La Sapienza University in Rome.

He lives in Sardinia and has spent the last twenty years of his duration working as an architect, having the skills to deliver projects on all world five mainlands.

It pursues a personal journey in search of the business brought by the light, the essence of matters, from the purity and simplicity of the forms; and, living on this island, in Sardinia, interprets the complex and troubled fusion between nature and the needs of contemporary man.

“What we have inherited from our parents is only a lending, until we will spend it on to our children. “Noblesse Oblige”, nobility is not a privilege, it is a duty. Our Architect Studio tries to leave a humble a sign to the next generations, bidding contemporary construction methods, with the implementation of new technologies with an aim to reduce as much energy waste as possible”. 
Julio César Ayllón