Art in .. Porto Cervo Marina

This year the Porto Cervo Marina is the exceptional location for Arte in Porto Cervo Marina, a programme of art shows, cultural and wine and food events, that will animate the summer season at Porto Cervo until the first half of September.

Arte in Porto Cervo highlights the world of architecture, art, luxury and the outstanding nature of the territory on the whole, with designer projects of a high aesthetic quality.

Immobilsarda, in co-marketing with Insula, Marina Now, Pevero Golf, and with the sponsorship of the Arzachena Municipality, through Arte in Porto Cervo Marina, promotes important topics linked to the promotion and development of the area, tourism and local specialities, the quality of life and the culture of Sardinia in general.

The intention of Immobilsarda and of all the operators involved in this project is to extend the tourist season so that Gallura can become a destination for residential tourism, with services being offered all year round.  A far-reaching project must be drawn up for the upgrading of services (environment + nature + services = luxury) both during the high, medium and low seasons.  This type of development would have an enormous political and social impact on the Gallura region and on the whole of Sardinia, and would create a circular economy effect and growth in allied industries for the entire economy of the island.

From Piazzetta della Marina, where the “Landscape design and green concept” project is located, and curated by the Studio di Architettura Ayllon in collaboration with the Garden Zerga Group, the display follows its artistic and emotional itinerary in and out of little squares until it arrives at Immobilsarda’s new offices that house artists of international fame.

In line with Insula’s mission, Arte in Porto Cervo Marina also hosts wine and food events intended to promote all the excellent regional specialities to be found in Sardinia and the accent will also be on the topic of sustainability, via synergy with the One Ocean Foundation, to present an outstanding example and encourage the safeguarding of the environment in Sardinia.



Piazzetta della Marina – Porto Cervo Marina

The exhibition, housed in Immobilsarda’s offices,

will be open every day

The Exhibition

Vortici:  Sguardi di Donne.

The photography of Adolfo Maciocco, that gives a name to the group show, gathering together thirty works: paintings, sculptures, photographs, abstract and figurative art.  It speaks of love when it imagines a feminine itinerary in art and in life.

An emotional itinerary where great en plein air sculptures can be seen, such as ” Seme verticale ” (“Vertical seed”) by Pinuccio Sciola, “Liquid Shapes” by Antonio La Rosa, “Maestrale “by Paola Falconi,  “Le Agavi di alluminio” (“The Aluminium Agaves”) by Chelita Riojas Zuchermann , sculptures in resin and pane carasau (traditional flatbread from Sardinia) by Alessandro Lobino, and that continues inside the Immobilsarda showroom with pictures by Eliane Aerts and Licia Sanna and photos by Jeanpierre  Ramos, Adolfo Maciocco and Massimo Golfieri.

Art is not innocuous, it’s powerful, and these portraits of women recount those experiences that have contributed to the creation of a feminine personality where every colour incarnates a situation.  Paying homage to women and their universe, art opens up bridges in time and space and we are the instruments of reception and also of interpretation.



New frontiers, with Real Estate and Architecture and Quality for Longevity

Projects that contribute added value to the territory.  Real estate, quality of life, tourism and culture.

With the Arte in Porto Cervo Marina events and its gallery, The Nature Art Gallery, at its new showroom at the Porto Cervo Marina, Immobilsarda presents a display of artistic projects aimed at throwing a new light on the treasures and natural and artistic beauty of the Costa Smeralda Gallura region.

To protect and promote the rich natural, historic, artistic and cultural heritage of Gallura, through activities, exhibitions, events, architectural projects and much more still: this is the target Immobilsarda has been pursuing in Sardinia for the last 45 years, with passion, professionalism and competence.


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With the Arte in Porto Cervo project, Immobilsarda wants to reflect on the contemporary idea of what the Gallura region is today and what it will be in the future, together with its fundamental values: the environment, nature, the quality of life, sustainability, wellbeing, food and lifestyle.

Unique values that today, more than ever before, satisfy a rational and emotional need proper to the human being.


Nature, wellbeing, innovation, environmental eco-sustainability and the allure of the Gallura area …  And a longing for beauty as a cure for the common good.


This is Immobilsarda’s vision, so that The Nature Art Gallery is not only the art gallery’s name, but it’s Gallura itself, a gallery of natural artworks, specifically included in a unique natural and residential context, but it’s also a workshop to stimulate the added value of architectural work that is sensitive to and in harmony with the surrounding territory.