In the complex world of Real estate, art plays a fundamental role, not only aesthetically, but also in creating experiences that deeply influence our minds, our experiences, our perception of space and environment and thus our emotions. 


Architecture, interior design, and location of a property may be considered visual and sensory stimuli that activate specific regions of our brain, eliciting emotional and cognitive responses. Neuroscience and environmental psychology have extensively demonstrated how space can condition human physiology, eliciting different emotional states and determining certain behaviors over others. 

States and sensations that involve the person as a whole and in a holistic manner within the complexity of their psychic, physical and emotional dimensions. For example, a good neighborhood, a stunning view, a captivating nature, or extraordinary architecture can trigger an immediate sense of well-being.   

Similarly, visual art is capable of stimulating and generating deep emotions, as demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. In fact, art has the ability to positively influence our mood, reduce stress and increase a sense of physical and mental well-being


For us at Immobilsarda – Christie’s, understanding the power of perception and emotion is essential. We work to create environments that stimulate the senses and nourish the soul

From neuro – architecture that emphasizes the biophilic design for well-being, to new designs in line with environmental respect and integration with the territory and the Mediterranean scrub, we seek to offer our clients unique and enveloping experiences of physical and mental well-being. Nature is a fundamental part because it contains but at the same time integrates the housing experience. 

We talk about protection, conservation and enhancement of this corner of paradise: the territory of Gallura – Costa Smeralda is itself a natural work of art, or as we like to define it, a Nature Art Gallery. A reserve of extraordinary beauty, characterized by breathtaking landscapes and 450 km of pristine coasts, protected since 1968. 

Gallura – Costa Smeralda stands out for its wild nature, harmoniously fused with breathtaking panoramas that stretch to infinity: a rare and unique region

Art in Real Estate goes beyond aesthetics: it is a powerful force capable of positively influencing our minds and our emotional well-being. 

For us at Immobilsarda – Christie’s, the integration of art in every aspect of our work is essential to offer our clients not just properties but life experiences, capable of proving well-being, improving the quality of life, rediscovering the value of time, immersed in a unique and timeless context

For over 50 years, we have consciously pursued our vocation as ambassadors of the territory, its beauties, art, and its excellences, reflecting our philosophy of cultural enhancement.