“Arte in Porto” 2017: great success for the opening-night

Opening-night for “Arte in Porto”

On Saturday 29/7 there was the opening night of “Arte in Porto” in the fascinating context of PortoRotondo78. Among work of paint, sculpture, photography and video, the event had the intent to show the different interpretation of the element “water”.

Many were the gathered artists, some of them already affirmed and other at their first experience, and they all took part with dedication, passion and extreme availability.

The feather in the cap of “Arte in Porto” was the work of master Pinuccio Sciola which had enhanced the event.

The audience, numerous and enthusiastic, has shown curiosity and interest in the regards of artists and their astonishing works exposed, making the night a success.

Immobilsarda wants to thank the artists and the audience for their participation. We want to extend it to all the staff who had done a splendid job organizing and promoting the event and granting its success and its perfect realization.

Art and Real Estate: an innovative union

For us of Immobilsarda, art and real estate are two faces of the same medal. In the years we have developed a profound sense, not only for our clients material needs, but also for their “spiritual” necessities. We belive that behind the search for a new house, there are hidden necessities linked to the essence of human nature.

This is an original thought for real estate market and the only way that consents to find properties built on the true needs of the clients, raising the human mind and satisfying its unexpressed necessities.

“Arte in Porto” will go on with new fascinating events

The event of 29/7 was just the opening night of “Arte in Porto”. The installations in PortoRotondo78 will be exposed untill the 30 of august and it will be possible to confront with the artists and to know the beautiful real estate offert of PortoRotondo78, which it has inspired this showroom.

ImmobilSarda’s summer does not end here”! We are organizing other events, which will give you the chance to establish and to deepen a special relation with our Sardinia, to let you dedicate yourself to the discovery of its characteristics and “spirit”.

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