“Arte in Porto”: Between Past and Future


With another event the past Thursday 24/08, “Arte in Porto” shuts down in Porto Rotondo and moves to Porto Cervo hosted by Yacht Club Aqua Lounge from 2/98 to 10/09.
The night, a “wine-art” event with the excellent “Cantina di Mogoro” wines, has seen great public attendance who has welcomed passionately the two new artist introduced, the painter Simona Tavassi and the photographer Massimo Golfieri, appriciated Eliane Aerts’ comeback and the composer Matteo Giorgioni with Jyotishmati Project.

The public has had the chance to become interest in Simona Tavassi’s work, a painter who works with different solidity cloths to touch the deepest human feelings, and to Massimo Golfieri’s splendid photos about human communities.
As well as the past week, during this night the public has had the possibility to admire the magnificent portraits of Eliane Aerts, belgian portraitist who has redefined “Costa Smeralda style” with her work as interior-designer and who has opend her atelier in San Pantaleo. Ending the night, there has been a live performance made at 432 Hz by Jyotishmati Project, a project that sees Metteo e Lisa Giorgioni working together to share the value of peace and universal love.


This exhibition promoted and organized by ImmobilSarda wanted to give voice to an original and innovative idea: Art and “Real Estate” not anymore as two separate souls but as the two sides of the same medal. Always ImmobilSarda has been bearer of a vision which tries to satisfy not only the more concrete needs of its clients but also those aspects more “spiritual”, linked to the necessities oh human “soul”.


Although “Arte in Porto” in the luxurious PortoRotondo78 showroom will end on the 30/08, it will not end here! From the 2/09 to 10/09, artists and operas will be hosted in Porto Cervo at the stylish Aqua Lounge.
To give even more prestige and view to the exhibition, “Arte in Porto” will take place at the same time of some intriguing events organized by the Porto Cervo Yacht Club: the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup & Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship, at its 72nd edition in which will participate the very best of the nautical sector, and the regate to celebrate YCCS first 50 years since its foundation.



ImmobilSarda wants to thank all the public who has attended, all the artists and organizers who has made “Arte in Porto” an indisputable success. Moreover, do not lose the chance to participate at one of the most exclusive events of this Gallura – Costa Smeralda summer: “Arte in Porto” at the Aqua Lounge in Porto Rotondo.