Homes for sale at Arzachena in Sardinia: villas in Cannigione. Why should you buy?

villas for sale Arzachena Sardinia

Real estate market in Arzachena-Sardinia has started again growing. In this article of 9th June on the recovery of home sales in Sardinia, we tried to put order in the latest available official data. From those numbers emerged the vivacity of buying and selling in Arzachena. Below we describe the territory of this important centre of Gallura and we present one of the most exclusive real estate projects in Cannigione of Arzachena: the new luxurious properties of Borgo Harenae Elite Villas & Exclusive Suites.

Why to buy now a home in Arzachena Sardinia

Real estate has begun again to grow throughout Italy thanks to bureaucratic simplification and tax incentives. For the moment, real estate prices have not risen, and sometimes they have even declined. Arzachena has stood out in Sardinia because it is the only coastal town to have recorded an improvement of + 5%. Who now buys homes for sale in Arzachena: 1) will avoid the rise in prices; 2) could choose among a large portfolio of properties in prestige locations, whose value is expected to grow in the next future.

The huge territory of Arzachena

Arzachena boasts over 80 km of coastline. This number is significant especially because it is one of the most beautiful coasts in the Mediterranean. To make it clear: all famous renowned locations of the Emerald Coast and the immediate surroundings are part of Arzachena municipality. From Abbiadori to Baja Sardinia, from Cannigione to Porto Cervo, passing through Cala Granu, the Gulf of Pevero, Pantogia. Furthermore, the paradisiacal beaches of Arzachena and its suggestive coves are protected by rigid urban constraints since the 1960s.

Arzachena is about 25 km away from Olbia. Its numerous hamlets are easily reached by car within a few dozens of minutes from the port and Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. Due to the proximity to Olbia and the many services, the town has had an astonishing growth in these decades. Sports facilities are numerous: soccer, golf, tennis courts. Some resorts are equipped with cycle lanes. In several beaches, there are water sports facilities and diving schools. Also, activities for horse lovers are available. All basic services and health care are provided by the local medical guard and touristic medical guard. Restaurants, lounge bars and nightclubs have made Emerald Coast nights famous. For all the latest news on available services you can visit the tourist website of Arzachena municipality.

Arzachena Cannigione: much more than a small hamlet

homes for sale CannigioneCannigione is one of the largest hamlets in Arzachena. Less popular than Porto Cervo and quieter, it provides many amenities to its residents. Its lifestyle is perfect for families with children, young couples and second age for retirement. The most famous and closest beaches are: La Conia, Mannena and Barca Bruciata. Among services available in Cannigione:

  • 3 km of promenade ideal for runners;
  • a renewed bicycle lane 2 km long;
  • one of the most well-equipped tourist ports in Gallura with its prestigious yachting club;
  • equipment for soccer, beach volleyball, windsurfing;
  • shops, markets, restaurants;
  • utilities (ATMs, rentals, taxis, ferries, etc.)

Porto Cervo: the heart of the Emerald Coast

homes for sale Porto CervoIt may seem strange that Porto Cervo, whose name is much better known than that of Arzachena on the international scene, is actually part of it. The latest real estate estimates record in Arzachena a higher level of property price than the regional average. This figure is probably influenced by the value of luxury villas for sale in Porto Cervo. The heart of the Emerald Coast boasts exclusive properties designed by famous architects, overlooking the sea, or surrounded by immense Mediterranean-style gardens that give privacy and tranquillity.

Homes for sale in Cannigione: Borgo Harenae Elite Villas & Exclusive Suites

homes for sale Borgo HarenaeVillas for sale at Cannigione in Borgo Harenae are the ideal solution for those who want to buy now in Emerald Coast. Despite the lower investment than that needed to buy extra luxury properties of Porto Cervo, Borgo Harenae provides the highest quality standards and exclusive on demand services.

Borgo Harenae is close to Cannigione, which is connected by the new cycle lane. It is perfectly integrated with the splendid local naturalistic environment. Important co-sustainable architectural solutions have been adopted right to respect it. The 24 luxurious villas for sale are newly built. The most exclusive one, the detached villas, are fully customizable owners. The property overlooks the sea of the beautiful Gulf of Arzachena. A delightful breeze coming from the gulf, refreshes the outdoor spaces of these villas, enriched with green gardens, pools, and terraces. The interiors are divided into numerous rooms finished in detail with valuable materials.

Additional services for the owners of these villas make Borgo Harenae an extra luxury real estate project:

  • direct access to the beach;
  • swimming pool, sports fields, and green walkways;
  • SPA and fitness centre, with personal trainer on request;
  • beach club with fish restaurant overlooking the water;
  • on demand services, including: concierge; cleaning and rentals management; extraordinary and ordinary maintenance; mooring and storage of your boat.

For more details about Borgo Harenae you can visit the Immobilsarda website. Or you can contact its consultants by phone or go to one of the many offices of its network.