At Capo Ceraso new projects for a quality and sustainable lifestyle

Capo CerasoAll along at Capo Ceraso the respect and celebration of the natural environment are the key parameters of making an architecture that is attentive to nature, privacy and services as its essential principles.
The refined Villettas of Capo Ceraso lie on the promontory of 16 hectares which plunges into the sea in a triumph of colors, essences and perfumes. Opposite the island of Tavolara and Capo Figari, the Resort offers maximum privacy and tranquility, enjoying also the proximity to the services of Olbia, which thanks to its port and the airport is daily connected to major European cities.

Sustainability, integration between home and environment, relationship with the place and syntheCapo Cerasosis between tradition and innovation are the cornerstones of the qualitative and functional review projects of the apartments in Capo Ceraso, which provides the opportunity to obtain volumetric enlargement by exploiting the recent regulations zoning.
The redevelopment project provides wide flexibility in space management and customization of interior design to satisfy the needs and tastes of potential customers, enhancing the outdoor spaces, widening the existing volumes and streamlining internal living to achieve greater flexibility and usability .
Capo Ceraso

The fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces with the terraces, which eliminate the inside out boundaries, creates wide open spaces featuring almost fictitious divisions. The quality of the environments is enhanced through home automation solutions and technology to ensure maximum comfort and great appeal.

Solutions that are able to combine technological and architectural innovation with the integration with the landscape and architectural models characterized by the Gallura territory and its tradition. A choice that looks for excellence, firstly of the surrounding natural environment and then of the innovative architectural solutions proposed.

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