6 reasons to buy a home in Sardinia and Emerald Coast: the essential values

6 reasons to buy a villa in Sardinia

Have you ever thought of buying a home in Sardinia, especially in the Emerald Coast? Maybe it was suggested by a person already invested in a property in this old land. We have identified six good reasons to buy a home in Sardinia. Read carefully the following strengths because a very important part of the value of a property is derived from the present and future value of the territory in which it was built.

1. Sardinia in the heart of the Mediterranean

The breathtaking scenery of the Emerald Coast is wonderfulSardinia is at the centre of western Mediterranean area. Some recent geopolitical events, linked to China, Middle East countries and Northern Africa, have increased its importance. The strategic location of the island provides additional value to its real estate assets on the international market.

Sardinia is well connected to the rest of Italy and to several foreign countries. It takes a few hours to get to Sardinia from all over Europe and the United States. The island is connected by sea from north to south through the ports of Porto Torres, Olbia, Arbatax and Cagliari. Strengthening the network of connections is shown by the increasing importance of the island in the routes of cruise ships. The main airports are Olbia, Cagliari-Elmas and Alghero with several national airline companies and low cost carriers.

The private airport of the Emerald Coast, called Eccelsa, is one of the most important private airports in Europe. Along with the airport of Olbia, it is strategic to reach the Emerald Coast from all over Europe and Italy in a short time, from 1 to 3 hours travel time. Eccelsa provides high quality services, focused on security and safety, to a clientele mostly from Europe, Russia, China and Middle-Eastern countries. Olbia airport during 2016 has consolidated its position and international vocation, with a growing trend of passengers from all over Europe. There are over 40 airlines that connect 18 countries, along 89 routes, including 58 international ones.

2. The pleasant weather of Sardinia

Sardinia has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters especially near the sea. Who decides to buy a home in Sardinia can enjoy the sun for 300 days a year, especially along the coast, as in the area of Olbia. If you buy a holiday home on the coast you can leverage your investment not only in the period from June to September. The months from October to November and from March to May offer the opportunity to spend wonderful weeks.

3. The landscape of Sardinia and Emerald Coast

The main strength of Sardinia is its natural beautyThe added value, compared to other locations and islands of the Mediterranean, is given by its vastness and variety of landscape. In Sardinia, different types of people can satisfy their needs and preferences: young couples, families with children, second age for retirement.

The territory of Gallura-Emerald Coast is characterized by crystal-clear water, kilometres of white beach surrounded by the colours and scents of the Mediterranean scrub, breathtaking views. It ranges from the sandy beaches of Palau and Porto Pollo to the coves of the Emerald Coast, Capo Ceraso, Terravecchia and Portobello. Luxury is given by the extraordinary beauty of its countryside, where you can experience a dimension of privacy and total relaxation that facilitate the regeneration of the spirit.

4. Sardinian urban plan and environmental restrictions of ’68 in Gallura

Sardinia has chosen to protect its territory with a detailed urban plan. The landscape plan distinguishes between points of interest that need immediate protection, and areas where to plan an urban strategic development. In this way, Sardinia competes with the islands of the Pacific and Mediterranean, beautiful but sometimes too common, by valuing its landscape plurality.

In Gallura and Emerald Coast, the law of 1968 still limits the urban development of the territory for about 450 km of coastline. The area includes the towns of:

  • Olbia
  • Arzachena
  • Palau
  • La Maddalena
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura
  • Aglientu

The environmental law prevents new allocations of land. The new buildings are part of the old allocations that are completing their availability. Exactly in this exclusive part of the coast Immobilsarda has numerous property: pieds dans l’eau or holiday homes in prestigious positions. If you choose to buy a home in Gallura and Emerald Coast you are sure to buy a rare asset whose price will obviously rise in the near future.

5. The quality of life in Sardinia*

Sardinia occupies excellent positions in the rankings on environment, leisure and population density. Also, it is a quiet area with little crime compared to other areas of Italy.

Gallura is the Sardinian province with the best level of quality of life. Free from large urban centres, factories and intensive agriculture. Its population density is 47 people per square kilometer. Olbia is among the first provinces in Italy for number of accommodation. All these factors make Gallura and the Emerald Coast the ideal place for those who want to buy home in Sardinia and are looking for relaxing and unpolluted areas (it should be noted the low mortality rate).

* Source: 18th Italia Oggi report in collaboration with the Department of Social Sciences and Economics, University La Sapienza of Rome.

6. Culture and traditions in Sardinia and Gallura

The quality of life in Galura is very good

The Sardinian cultural heritage is made of ancient traditions. The contemporary lifestyle, which results by the match between the indigenous population and many foreign dominations, has created a welcome culture that encourages people to spend their holidays or live in these territories. The charm and prestige of the Emerald Coast and Porto Cervo satisfy the tastes of those who are looking for exclusive and luxury locations.

In Gallura-Emerald Coast you will be delighted with local specialties: typical dishes as “cuata soup”, because it is hidden by a crust of cheese, or seafood such as lobster. The flavours are aromatized by local products, such as honey, and washed down with fine wines, such as Vermentino, and liqueurs such as myrtle.


Immobilsarda strongly believes that choosing a home means choosing a land where to live in the best way. For that reason, it offers a free 3-day stay. With Viaggio e Vantaggio, if you want to buy a home in Sardinia, you can visit the best properties for sale in Gallura and, at the same time, get a better understanding of this unique land.