Now is the time to buy house by the sea in Gallura and Porto Cervo if you want it ready for the holidays

It is time to buy your vacation home

Have you decided to buy a house by the sea? Then you must hurry to buy it if you want your vacation home to be ready for you, your family and your friends during the next summer holidays. The things to do in order to buy your house are numerous and time consuming. Below we analyse all steps in detail and provide 3 examples of houses with a breathtaking view.

Time required to buy your vacation house

Choosing the right place

The location of your house by the sea should be selected with attention. It will be the place where you will spend your summer holidays and some periods of relax out of the season. You may also have the need to turn it in your permanent house. We must not ignore the opportunity to rent it out. So, during the choice of the location you should consider your current needs, future ones and your preferences. Do you want a place that ensures you maximum privacy, or prefer not to feel too isolated? Do you need to have all comforts, stay near ports and airports or prefer to live in an atmosphere that does not remind you the reality of big cities?

ImmobilSarda offers you its service “Viaggio e Vantaggio” so as to help you choosing the right place where to buy your home for the holidays. This ImmobilSarda’s service “Viaggio e Vantaggio” is a free 3-day stay in Sardinia. During this weekend you will have the time to both visit the most interesting homes for sale and to live the place where you will spend unforgettable moments with your family. An expert from ImmobilSarda will show you around and let you discover Gallura and the Emerald Coast.

The timing of negotiation

The steps of negotiation for home buyersIt takes from 15 to 60 days for the home buyer to negotiate the purchase of the property. During these weeks, we go through three steps:

  • the purchase offer
  • the purchase agreement
  • the deed

The purchase offer is a document which binds the home buyer for a limited period. This letter contains all references about the parties and the property. It must be accepted or rejected by the seller. The purchase agreement is a registered document that includes the closing and possession dates. It implicates the payment of a deposit. The deed must be signed in front of a notary.

The drafting of the proposals, their shipment and registration take time. You should also calculate the time that the notary needs in order to make the necessary checks, prepare the documentation and arrange a meeting with both parties.

You can take advantage of the pre-sale consultancy offered by ImmobilSarda. So you will save time and be sure to follow the correct bureaucratic process. The service includes: the property assessment, assistance in dealing with the parties involved, help with the administrative procedure and more.

The timing to take out a mortgage

Even the timing to take out a mortgage is flexible: from the moment when you’ll present the request to the bank, it may take up to two months.

It is important to figure out when the chosen bank will provide the amount you required. By so doing it will be possible to comply with the payment dates that have been set out in the purchase agreement. You should consider that banks sometimes grant a pre-approval of the mortgage on the basis of the presented guarantees, your income and property value. Then they require all the documentation. Finally, there is the investigation phase. You should also take into consideration the time that you or your lawyer will need to prepare all documents that the bank can require.

The paperwork after buying a house

Buying a vacation home is less stressful than buying your first home. The latter implies numerous paperwork related to the residence of the entire family: change of address, change of residence on your licence, notices to your bank and more.

In both cases, however, it may take a few bureaucratic procedures relating to electricity consumption, gas, water, phone and internet connection. The most boring practices can be delegated to third parties to save time. But there is still the technical time required by the suppliers of these services: from a few days to a month to send a technician and check the lines.

The timing to restructure and renovate furniture

Home buyers can decide to restructureImmobilSarda has several partners. It collaborates with architects, craftsmen, interior designers and professionals. They will help you with the renovation and customization of your property. In addition, as soon as the mandate for sale has been acquired, it ensures that the house meets certain quality standards before being offered to purchasers.

However, it is inevitable that each new tenant wants to modify the structure of the property and renew its furniture according to his taste and needs. So, the timing of renovation is difficult to quantify. It depends on the quantity and quality of the restoration work required.

3 Houses by the sea for 3 different places

Property with sea view at Capo Ceraso ResortVilla in Capo Ceraso Resort. It is the best choice for those who decided to buy a house by the sea and want a prestigious location, reserved services and all comforts. It is the ideal place for families with young children, young couples and second age for retirement.



Villa with pool and Jacuzzi

Villa Dolce Vita in Baia Santa Reparata. This luxury house is recommended for those who want a beach house where to spend time with friends. It has a pool of 38 sqm, a Jacuzzi and a spacious covered outdoor barbecue area. Baia Santa Reparata is a protected natural oasis, perfect for nature lovers and watersports enthusiasts. Also, it is ideal for those who want to take advantage of the amazing summer of nearby Santa Teresa.


Home in Dolce Sposa condominiumApartment with sea view in Porto CervoThe property is part of an exclusive condominium, the Dolce Sposa. The residence is very close to Porto Cervo Marina. It is recommended to those who have a boat and want to spend their holidays in an exclusive location as the Emerald Coast. Port and airport are nearby because this location is close to Olbia.



For more information on all services provided to those who have decided to buy a house by the sea and for personal consultancy, contact one of our consultants.