Claus Joans at The Nature Art Gallery

Claus Joans, Italy
Mobile Christmas Tree. 2017
Inox, polycarbonate and aluminum, 350 x 380 cm

Claus Joans was born in Novara in a family of artists.

After not too regular studies, interrupted by frequent trips and stays in Europe and overseas, once back to Italy he attended the workshops of sculptors and potters.

In long stays in Sardinia and Pietrasanta, he digs it up and composes works that rise from a motivation of inner nature, in relation to its demanding desire to express himself for the purpose of research which poses no goals but that he refuses and consideration of absolute creative freedom.

In the early 90 accomplishes its utopian revolution building “Leonardo’s” machines are driven by water and electric energy and builds architectures and interiors by the extraordinary chromatic effect. The Glasnost-Sculptures and Primitive Plastic are the landing and departure and radiating new generations of images and artistic creations.

Claus Joans is a primal genius and totemic as a man of future.

When he looks for plastics matters, it affects them, dyes them and enrich them, turns them on the pretext utility to turn them into enlightened bodies. Actually, his works represent real sculptures where he combines the art of “extraction and addition” according to the best sixteenth-century tradition.

Claus Joans also plays with the major energetic issues that aim to find the path towards renewable alternatives. Each tool is used to improve imagination and give back worthy of creativity.

Since the 70s he took part in a creative very personal research that he still uses in his artworks with different materials such as steel, polycarbonates, polymers and very advanced technologies.

Photovoltaic and wind power artworks, in which the energy of light and dynamism of sculptural forms finds application, represent absolute adventure: he signs its “enlightened and enlightening” sculptures with extraordinary expressiveness and plasticity already present in prestigious public and private both Italian and international art collections.