Connecting flights to Sardinia


Currently undergoing redevelopment, in line with the wider redevelopment of Sardinia Transports, that of Olbia as the airports  of  Alghero and Cagliari it offers direct routes of about three hours, and even less, to and from all European capitals.

In Olbia, Costa Smeralda Airport is connected to the ports of London, Manchester, Bristol, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Lille, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Nice, Lyon, Oslo, Bratislava, Prague, Bruxelles, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Hannover, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Basel, Geneve, Vienna, Warsaw, Moskow, Tel Aviv and many other destinations.

Last July and August 2017, the Costa Smeralda Airport has claimed the “sold out” in terms of capacity to accommodate more flights and other airlines.

During the week of mid-August, the airport management companies Geasar estimated a flow of about 177.000 passengers between arrivals and departures, for a total of 1.384 flights. With 350 flights every day for a daily transit of about 25 .000 passengers.

Last July, the Costa Smeralda Airport has exceeded the maximum capacity of its facilities (landing strip, airport terminal, and terminal), being unable to further increase in requirement.

It is currently being expanded the existing terminal, the lengthening of the landing strip and the enlargement of the flight structures, become priorities, about the important economic and employment impact that the additional tourism trade that the Olbia airport develops the region.

From 12th to 20th August, the airport has connected Sardinia to 18 countries and by over 40 airline companies to 69 destinations.

Italian passengers represent 50% of the total traffic, while the other 50% are tourists from Germany, Switzerland, France, and England, and were also registered substantial increases in arrivals coming from the Netherlands (+ 70%), Poland (+ 23%) and Sweden (+ 92%).

Since January 2017 to December 2018 they have traveled by the Costa Smeralda Airport over 1.612 million passengers, increasing by 11.6% (167,000 passengers) compared to 2016.