Costa Smeralda Journal interviews: Giancarlo Bracco

In December 2021, Giancarlo Bracco, Immobilsarda srl CEO & Founder, has been interviewed by Costa Smeralda Journal Financial and Real Estate tabloid (page 22). He has offered insights and reflections on the performance and evolution of the tourism – real estate market in Gallura – Costa Smeralda. He also shared his vision of sustainable tourism and seasonal adjustment, the mission of the Company and new innovative projects and services for individuals, businesses and investors offered by the Group and the new-born Immobilsarda Service Srl.

Here for you is a brief excerpt of the Costa Smeralda Journal interview and below the entire article.

“Today Gallura can boast all the requirements to be able to develop a whole tourism industry organized 365 days a year and sustainable tourism in line with the demands of the international market. The uniqueness of Gallura is the result of special regulations and urban constraints to protect the territory safeguarding the environment since the 60s.

Today the real luxury is the habitat, and the house is our means to satisfy a primary need for well-being, self-awareness, mental and psychophysical health, mental wellness. For some time now, the market has been re-evaluating its priorities and wants answers that satisfy the quality of life through natural resources, good living, food and wine excellence, wellness, and beauty. My wish is to bring to the attention of the Public Administration the demand and the values of the territory to manage Gallura and Sardinia as a thriving industrial entity in the international tourism scenario.”

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