Davide Carrera at The Nature Art Gallery


David Carrera was born in Turin on December the 25th, 1975.

No one has ever gone deeper him into the marine abyss, in apnea in constant weight, ie without ballast. A light somersault at the waterline and then down, up to 111 meters (its last world record).

Almost a swim vertically, passing in 3 minutes and 30″ from the hot warm green to blue, to the cold blue to ice black, leaving the breath, the air.

David Carrera, feels at home where the whales swim, “higher beings, the incredible grace, less aggressive than many men.”

“With the sea it was love: It took us a child’s grandfather, on the stroller, I remember clearly as I lost myself in the sound of the waves. I do escape to the sea when I need neatness, freedom. I become a skipper, a fisherman, I do diving lessons. Then I get ready for yoga apnea.

Both things are inner research. It puts me in front of the biggest fears of the infinite, of the unknown, of being sick, dying. And it lets me overcome it. I put aside the ego. I say to the sea, “Let your will be done.”

I rest my muscles, I empty my head, I sink with the rest. Then I let myself sink into the darkness, every meter is more abyss: the water crushes you, the pressure increases, I arrive at the fixed limit as weak as a puppet, in hypoxia from a while. Muscles burn, weight like lead, but I have to push myself toward the light.

Davide Carrera (Apnea World Champion)

Honorary member of One Ocean for the oceans defense.