Discovering Gallura: Baia Santa Reparata

Baia Santa Reparata

Baia Santa Reparata

The Mediterranean maquis‘ intense green that mixes with the crystal-clear waters, creating amazing light shows. Typical essences of myrtle, juniper, and oleander that meet the salt sea. The coast’ granite cliffs that shield from the winds fine sand beaches and peaceful inlets. Baia Santa Reparata is a location that has preserved its original self not bending to modernity, but instead dealing it in a process of harmonious inclusion.

The Residential Development

In 1851 the Church of Santa Reparata is raised: before it, the whole area was little populated and the dense Mediterranean maquis reached the coast. The residential development started in that period with new apartments, villas, and villettas that were added to the seamen houses. Today, Baia Santa Reparata is a Consorzio that wants to protect the environment. It is the respect of nature the key point when raising a building here: the houses do not cover nature but, instead, are included in it and play with its winding shapes and its vivid colours. As well as the architectural style, materials are wisely chosen between natural and local to lower the environmental impact. All the homes have the privilege to be near the sea, of which you can perceive the pleasant sound in the air.

Baia Santa Reparata - Villa Canaletto
Baia Santa Reparata – Villa Canaletto


Inside Baia Santa Reparata village you can find all the main services: bar & restaurants, rental shop, a big parking lot. Moving just 3km away, there is Santa Teresa Gallura, the charming town on the sea, that offers a wide choice of services: from the many excellent restaurants to the SPA, from shops to the clubs. You won’t need the car here: this is a characteristic that makes the locality perfect for any kind of lifestyle you are looking for.

Baia Santa Reparata - Bilocali Vista Mare
Baia Santa Reparata – Bilocali Vista Mare

Things to do

Santa Reparata beach will satisfy your need for sea: fine white sand, clear waters and low depths are the guarantees of happy sunny days. Along the coast, you will find many more sandy beaches and granite inlets, but this time they will be more secret and intimate. You will easily get to the parco marino di Lavezzi and riserva naturale di Capo Testa: here the depths are rich of colourful fishes and vegetation and are among the most favourites by snorkelling and diving lovers. You can practice windsurfing thanks to the rental shop and, if you want to start practising it, you can take lessons at the school. Even the countryside offers many different activities like trekking and trips: an example is the Chiesetta or the sito archeologico Lu Brandali.

Baia Santa Reparata - Villa Iola
Baia Santa Reparata – Villa Iola

Just Like Tradition

Baia Santa Reparata is a tranquil locality where to revalue the pleasure of living the nature and of living in peace with it. No frenzy, no visual pollution, no annoying sounds, just quiet, infinite sea panoramas, and natural sounds. A town energetic but discreet that will meet your every need.

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