Discovering Gallura: Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci

Along the strip of land that divides Marinella Gulf from Olbia Gulf, stands Golfo Aranci: a charming natural locality that is capable to answer to all the housing needs in the respect of environment and tradition. Here, nature is the protagonist 365 days-a-year, with the typical Capo Figari cliffs and the thousands of white beaches. Lovers of bien vivre chose it as their nest or their holiday destination, also for its nearness to the renowned Costa Smeralda.

The residential development

Golfo Aranci - Villa Baja Caddinas
Golfo Aranci – Villa Baja Caddinas

The locality owns its name to an error of translation: in fact, cartographers have translated Gulfu de li Ranci in Golfo Aranci but it really means “Crab Gulf”. Hugged by the sea, for a long time the town has been inhabited just by sailors and fishermen. In the ’80ies, with the boom of Costa Smeralda, it has drawn tourists’ attention. Today it exhibits colourful homes that blend harmoniously with the environment, thanks to colours and shadows games. All realized with local natural materials, the houses not only integrate with nature, but they also respect it and promote a green eco-sustainable lifestyle. If you are looking for wellness and a life that follows the slow rhythm of nature, this is the place that is made for you.


Golfo Aranci - Appartamento bilocale vista mare
Golfo Aranci – Appartamento bilocale vista mare

Just like residential development, even the services have increased and have been enhanced. Starting from the main services, like bar, tobacco, markets, and pharmacy, you can find many restaurants where to taste exquisite dishes, well-equipped structures where to practice the sports you like, and many rental shops. If you are looking for a wider offer, you can easily get to Olbia and find everything you need most. From the touristic harbour leave the ferries to Livorno, Corsica, and Côte d’Azur as well as day-trips to the near Olbia and Marinella gulfs. And for your evenings and nights, you’ll have the chance to enjoy them in the seafront bar and clubs or in those of the adjacent Emerald Cost.

Things to do

Golfo Aranci - Graziosa villetta
Golfo Aranci – Graziosa villetta

What makes Golfo Aranci so famous are its marvellous beaches. The “Five Beaches” are the town beaches, all with a seaside resort, bar and parking lot, perfect for families with children and kids. Moving just a bit away from the town, there are many more relaxing beaches, lonely inlets, and secret coves: Cala Greca, Cala Moresca, Cala Sassari, Cala Sabina e Cala del Sonno. All featuring crystal-clear waters, fine sand or small pebbles, decreasing depths full of fishes, they will satisfy your wish for sea. If you practice windsurfing, you will find the sea perfect to enjoy it. Many are the scuba diving areas, like Città delle Nacchere, Capo Filasca e Roccia del Mamuthone, where you can find rich biodiversity. The paths to discover the natural and cultural beauties of the near Capo Figari are many and accessible by foot, with a bike or riding a horse. If you are curious to discover the history of this millennial land, you can visit Cimitero degli Inglesi, la Fornace ed il Semaforo della Marina Militare. Festivals are all year long and the most important is the Fish Festival, celebrating the Assumption.

Tranquillity in Costa Smeralda nearby

If you wish a life of wellness, Golfo Aranci is your destination. Infinite sea days, long walks surrounded by nature, a tasteful cuisine, and amazing nights by the beach are waiting for you. The glamour life of Costa Smeralda will be a choice, not an obligation. Here, you will rediscover the pleasure of family life and you will fall in love with this unique location, of which beauty will stun you.

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