Discovering Gallura – Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo is the location that most represents a still healthy and pure Gallura, made of sun, sea and nature, characterized by a unique landscape, full of animal species and floral exemplars.
Two long white sandy beaches meet, creating the characteristic big bays and a thin strip of land, the only access point to the beautiful “Isola dei Gabbiani”, covered by the luxurious Mediterranean Maquis.

The peninsula in the island: l’ “Isuledda”

The “Isola dei Gabbiani”, originally called by the inhabitants “l’Isuledda”, faces on all the Archipelago of La Maddalena, offering in its northern extremity stunning panoramic views on an unbelievable landscape, rare for its beauty but mostly for its purity, still free of pollution.
Many rocky inlets stud the peninsula, meeting with the crystalline water and sandy seabed populated by various marine animal species.

Through “mari e monti” (mounts and sea)

Known in all the world of aquatic sports lovers, Porto Pollo hosts 7 months per year  lovers of nature and healthy lifestyle, made of walks on the beach, Mediterranean food, unforgettable sunsets and sport: Porto Pollo offers not only the services for windsurfing, kitesurfing or sailing, but also for people that love relaxing and enjoying of the incomparable natural contest: rest under the heating sun rays, or drinking a good glass of Vermentino in one of the little kiosks or one of the excellent restaurants that stud the two bays.

On the east side it is possible to do long strolls on the beach and in its promenades that branch out through the maquis all the way to Costa Serena, admiring a Panorama that, with the sight, arrives to the majestic Spargi Island.
The west side instead is perfect for adventure lovers: characterized by a really long white sandy beach that arrives in Porto Liscia, the high sandy dune create a  funny promenade to explore and little flat areas sheltered by mistral, ideal for pleasing picnic with friends.

The northern point of the “Isola dei Gabbiani” is reachable with long natural path perfect for relaxing run in the sundown hours, and from which it is possible to admire a sky that in the sunset is dyed of red with violet glares, a portrait of rare beauty.