Eliane Aerts at The Nature Art Gallery


Eliane Aerts, Belgium
Noël en Poésie. 2017 Oil on Canvas, 75 x 60 cm

“Des milliers et des milliers d’années,
Ne sauraient suffire, Pour dire
La petite seconde d’éternité, Où tu m’as embrassé
Où je t’ai embrassèe, Un matin dans la lumière de l’hiver
Au parc Montsouris à Paris, A Paris
Sur la terre, La terre qui est un astre.”
Jacques Prévert – Le Jardin


Eliane Aerts, daughter of a great Belgian painter, under the lead of his father, mastered the pencil drawing from an early age and soon after he experiences deep attraction to colors.

The father, therefore, feels the need to enroll her all Academy of Fine Arts, in Antwerp, entrusting it to the wise guidance of excellent masters. Eliane later she moved to Paris where she improves her skills at Grande Chaumière Academy.

She gained her artist experiences in Provence, Spain, Germany, and Denmark and later lived in San Pantaleo, small Gallura borough which she herself has contributed to making unique in its decorative kind and that feels like her second home, where he also worked as interior design, featuring with the most important of Costa Smeralda architects.