Emotional shoots to make you dream your ideal home

The over forty years experience in the Real Estate market in Sardinia led Immobilsard071 Capriccioli copya to be aware of the centrality of emotional aspects in the sale of a property. Especially in the tourist sector, in which the house does not respond to a primary need, but rather to a profound desire for well-being and quality, the ability to transmit positive emotional values is crucial in the approach with the customer.

A basic support to the emotional marketing comes from the photography a privileged instrument, able to exalt and pass down the soul of a property to the customers, but even more to capture and return the beauty and uniqueness of places in which the house is located.
What makes a villa in Sardinia unique, as well as its architecture and sophisticated design, is the stunning natural environment that surrounds it. The crystal clear sea with cobalt blue shades, the sky inundated by the warmth of the sun, the vegetation with a thousand changing colors are the backdrop of an Capo Ceraso luglio 2016-38unparalleled composition that the photographer has to bring out with the lens of his camera.
To take good pictures one needs to follow a few simple steps like choosing the times of day when the light is softer, framing the exterior, landscape, garden and pool to recreate the idyllic setting in which every customer dreams to live.

Particularly significant are the panoramic photos in which the property is visible from above with the neighborhood, the natural environment and landscape. These have the merit of allowing the customer to understand the lifestyle of the property, catapulting him directly in the “feeling of living” there.
The use of drones and increasingly sophisticated cameras with powerful lens and the optimal sharpness allows for extremely high quality products whose definition and exaltation of colors and shapes is the basis from which to create marketing collateral that impress the potential client.

To make people dream, giving them tangible elements and arousing emotions and feelings of happiness, harmony and well-being is the objective that every good photographer of properties is proposed. A subsequent   and the intervention of a commercial adviser do the rest in concluding successfully a purchase deal.