EREN – European Real Estate Network Ltd. turns 18 anni and comes of age!

EREN 18th Anniversary

2004 – 2022

The picturesque scenery of the small town of Verona was the backdrop for the annual meeting in Verona held last October 28.

Leading members of the European society EREN Ltd. – European Real Estate Network participated last October 27 / 28, 2022, in the society meeting held this year in the enchanting setting of the city of Verona, after almost three years since the last meeting held in Zurich in 2019 due to the pandemic crisis that had forced the interruption of events and roundtables of the Society.

The host of this eagerly awaited Italian edition of the annual conference was Cofim Immobiliare, a leader in the luxury real estate market in Veneto, which organized the event at the “Hotel Due Torri” in the heart of the city of Verona, just a few steps from the marvelous Arena.

The occasion also marked the 18th anniversary of the founding of EREN, which has now come of age, and which we mention is an independent and élite international network of leading European specialists operating in the luxury real estate sector from major European countries such as Italy (Cofim Immobiliare, Immobilsarda, La Commerciale), Switzerland (FGP Swiss & Alps, Wetag Consulting, Walde Immobilien AG), Spain (Amat Luxury, Rimontgò), Austria (Marschall Real Estate), Portugal (Silfiducia RE) and Greece (Ploumis Sotiropoulus).

Immobilsarda Srl participated in the event with its CEO & Founder Giancarlo Bracco, who is moreover a member of the Board Director and among the historical founding partners of EREN along with Josè Ribes Bas of Rimontò and Ueli Schnorf of Wetag Consulting.

In addition to being a pleasant and convivial meeting time between with the various European partners reunited after several years, the meeting was above all a strategic opportunity for discussion, analysis of markets in each country in the light of contingent international conditions, feedback on the excellent performance of existing international marketing platforms, and presentation of current and future strategies for network implementation and development.

In general, all agree that the last three years have marked a decidedly positive market trend especially on the mid-high and super luxury end of the market in the face of a scarcity, just about everywhere, of available high-end product. The trend in investment in real estate assets in the face of a highly volatile market is constant. Above all, it emerges how much customer demand and needs have changed with the pandemic crisis, which has led, in every market segment, to a transformation of paradigms and has brought about a new awareness, with perspectives and needs more related to health, quality of living, dwelling and well-being. The wine industry trend emerges, as well as the demand for new real estate developments linked to offers of high standing services and amenities.

The Gala Dinner elegantly closed the two-day event, which will be repeated with two dates yet to be defined in 2023.There will be many new and innovative projects by the Network that will be implemented already in the coming months of 2023, from the new release of the Villae International corporate house-organ, to new networking policies and projects. Confidentiality still holds for the locations that will host the upcoming conferences, but we know that they will surely be among the most attractive places in Europe!