Lisbon was chosen as the location for the 12th EREN International Symposium and Member meeting, one of the most important annual events in the field of International Real Estate.  The 15 members of the European network were compared during roundtables about activities of the network and future prospects. They shared and discussed data on all trends of global real estate market, the use of new marketing tools and the results obtained from synergy among international colleagues.

They chose the Portuguese capital as the venue of the Symposium in honor of Quintela & Penalva Real Estate. It was be founded in 2004 by Francisco Quintela and Carlos Penalva and was the last company to be part of the prestigious network of EREN, presented during the 2015 edition of the Symposium in Lugano.

A careful comparison and a thorough analysis of real estate market and dynamics that occurred in the last year were the focus of the meeting. The discussion started from the contexts of each country arriving at looking back at how they interact, going to outline the global situation. Based on findings of this first comparison they talked about potential developments of the observed market trends. They tried to elaborate some forecasts for the future that can be strong guidelines for new marketing strategies to promote and emphasize further benefits of a real estate investment.

Indeed they explored these topics: new web and digital tools available in marketing, how to use their enormous potential at the most and how to stay up to date on the continuous and very rapid developments of web and media Technologies.

The Sáragga Pedro Leal’s speech, who is Senior Partner of PLMJ Legal Network, was very interesting. He outlined the Golden Visa benefits for those who choose to invest in a property in Portugal. He showed how the territory knowledge has to be very deep to be able to enhance it to the customers’ eyes. It is indeed essential not to describe only the features of its geographical context, often already known and appreciated, but also include some practical information related to tax and health system, bureaucracy and to all those services and benefits available for property owners.

The Ignacio Artagoitia’s report, IT & Web Manager of EREN, was stimulating. He presented all news for coming months, thought to optimize website performance, increase its visibility, start new and more targeted marketing strategies and implement the interaction among various partners in order to have better results.