Gallura: the 10 best places to see in north-eastern Sardinia

Things to see in Gallura

Did you buy a home in Gallura or are you still considering whether to invest in real estate property? After taking a look at the best places in north-eastern Sardinia, you will no longer have any doubt about the good investment you have just completed or about which you are making your final evaluations. The coastline of Gallura is a succession of small jewel-islands, secret caves, paradisiacal beaches. The most internal areas are places of great naturalistic importance to breathe the genuineness of a time. Here are the 10 most beautiful places from north to south of Gallura, from the coast to its authentic inland, chosen based on our experience and presence in this area for over 40 years.

1. Rena Majori beach

Rena Majori is a beach of northern GalluraRena Majori, in Aglientu, is one of the most known beaches in Costa Paradiso for its beauty. A tongue of fine sand framed by soft dunes that separate this beach, almost to protect it, from the lush Mediterranean scrub and a pine forest. Some granite rocks, typical of the scenic landscape of this stretch of northern Sardinia, emerge from the water. The effect is an amazing contrast of colours among white sandy bottoms, clear turquoise water and dark rock.

2. Capo Testa in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Immobilsarda has property for sale in Santa TeresaCapo Testa is a small peninsula that cuts the emerald green sea and challenges the strong winds of this area in front of the Strait of Bonifacio. It is one of the nicest places in the north east of Sardinia. It is connected to the mainland and Santa Teresa di Gallura by a slim isthmus shaped by wind and bordered by two beautiful beaches. Its old lighthouse makes this famous Gallurese location even more impressive and unforgettable.

3. Islands of the Maddalena archipelago

The Maddalena archipelago would require a chart apart because its beauties are very numerous. Easily reachable by boat or ferry departing from Palau, it is the perfect destination for a short boat trip. The archipelago is part of the homonymous national park given its immense naturalistic value. To understand it, visit the famous pink beach on the island of Budelli named after the unmistakable coral colour of its sand.

4. Porto Cervo

Luxury villas for sale in Porto CervoPorto Cervo is not just the heart of the Emerald Coast. Porto Cervo is the most exclusive place in Sardinia. It is the dream come true of Prince Aga Khan to make this heavenly area in a tourist, economic and housing model. The jewel-villas by the sea in Porto Cervo enrich the Emerald Coast. These extra luxury villas match perfectly the colourful and fragrant Mediterranean scrub with their parks and gardens. Villas built by internationally renowned architects with high quality local materials and refined by skilled craftsmen. Immobilsarda has an exclusive selection of these properties nowadays rare. The real estate office of Immobilsarda in Porto Cervo is available to provide you with all necessary advice on these villas for sale.

5. Piccolo Pevero beach in the Emerald Coast

The beach of Piccolo Pevero near Porto Cervo is considered by many to be the best of the Emerald Coast and one of the best places in Sardinia. It is so called to distinguish it from the closest and greatest one. Piccolo Pevero is an exclusive jewel-beach. A sandy strip of land wet by emerald water, surrounded by coloured broom and protected by centenary junipers. You will be surprised to think of being on a Caribbean beach and in an oasis of relaxation just a few kilometers from one of the most important towns of Sardinia, Olbia. Moreover, it takes 2/3 hours to reach some European capitals thanks to Costa Smeralda airport, which is in constant growth.

6. Tavolara and Molara islands

Even Tavolara, like the Maddalena archipelago, is a protected marine park. Tavolara is an impressive mountain of granite and limestone that plunges into the sea between caves and small beaches of great beauty and naturalistic importance. Thanks to these two islands, the sunsets of this eastern stretch of the Gallurese coast between the Emerald Coast and San Teodoro are spectacular. If you want to enjoy these sunsets all the year round you can buy one of the prestigious properties for sale of the renowned Puntaldia Village.

7. San Teodoro

San Teodoro is a small town on eastern coast of Gallura. It has become a famous tourist destination thanks to the beauty of its surrounding beaches and the quality of the offered services. Just an example: along its about 40 km of coast there is Brandinchi cove. This beach is also known as the small Thaiti for its white sand and clear blue waters. All beaches are well-equipped, easy to reach and ideal for watersports enthusiasts.

8. The Valley of the Moon

The Valley of the Moon at Aggius is a flat area from which thousands of granite rocks emerge. It is among the best places in north-eastern Sardinia for the uniqueness of this lunar landscape. It is only 15 km away from the coast and is part of a delightful village between the most popular tourist resort of Isola Rossa and Costa Paradiso. The Valley of the Moon is the ideal destination for an alternative day away from the sea on a pleasant off-road journey.

9. Limbara Mountain

In a territory known for its wonderful beaches, it is fair to grant a small space to Limbara mountain. It looks almost isolated on a hill territory that runs fast to the sea. The massif of Limbara is in Tempio Pausania. Wrapped in the Mediterranean scrub, it is perfect for hikers and mountain bike lovers.

10. Oleasters of Luras

The oleasters of Luras, near Tempio Pausania, are centuries-old trees. Among them, there is also the oldest olive tree in Europe, a true monument included in the protected secular trees of Italy. Luras is a place representative of food and wine excellence of Gallura. In its territory, there are great vineyards that produce well-liked wines such as Vermentino, Moscato and Nebiolo. An exclusive opportunity for lovers of excellence and high quality food.


The beauty of these 10 places enhances the value of Gallura. Considering this in addition to the increasing centrality of Olbia in the Mediterranean and the constant increase in air connections, you fully understand the great value of a real estate investment in this part of Sardinia. Immobilsarda is present in this area with its capillary network and with a wide portfolio of housing solutions from north to south of Gallura and Emerald Coast.

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