Gallura the paradise of quality life

The area of Gallura Costa Smeralda and the province of Olbia Tempio have risen high on the ranking of the Sole 24 Ore that measures the quality of life in 110 Italian provinces.

Compared to 2014, the province of Olbia Tempio earns 14 positions on the six areas of investigation taken into consideration: standard of living, business and labor, services and environment, population, law and order and free time.
As Immobilsarda has been telling its clients, for over forty years, this corner of Sardinia boasts peculiarities that ensure well-being and a higher quality of life.
Low population density, absence of industrial activities and intensive farming, high quality amenities, a spectacular natural environment protected since the ’60s by specific regulations, are the features that make the territory of Gallura unique in the whole Mediterranean.

Capo Ceraso

International customers have become more and more sensitive to these values and search places to elect “residence of the heart”, unique places such as Gallura – Costa Smeralda which express the fulfillment that only the contact with nature can give.
The ranking of Sole 24 Ore confirms and reinforces this concept further, boosting the province of Olbia Temple also regarding the propensity to invest, especially among young people and the presence of dining and leisure activities, items which confirm this province among the first in Italy.

A great success for Sardinia and Gallura in particular, which remains at the top for the livability of its territory; the challenge to be overcome concerns now the ability to enhance these uniqueness and communicate them to an international audience.

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