Giancarlo Bracco interviewed by TGcom24 on Golden Visa

Giancarlo Bracco

For some time now FIABCI Italy is carrying out a wide-ranging campaign aimed at raising the political world and the institutions to encourage foreign investments in Real Estate, with benefits for the entire Country.

For nearly a decade, thousands of families from emerging countries, driven by the spread of new information tools and global communication, such as internet and satellite TV, which allow a comparison between the conditions and lifestyles, are looking forward to relocating in the West country to gain a superior lifestyle and wellbeing.
These new investors are now more than ever sensitive to the unique features of the Italian system  and by buying here would produce a sort of ” renaissance ” for the country .

As a further action in support of the open letter submitted to Gioverno regarding facilities for foreigners interested in investing in our country, Giancarlo Bracco was interviewed live from TgCom24 .