Giancarlo Bracco to Ville&Casali: objective Quality

bracco-ville-casali-2014Tourism in Sardinia has come to a turning point. Luxury, wild nature, attention to detail, have now becoma precious instruments through which aim to achieve a new, essential goal: the quality of life.
Interviewed by Ville & Casali, the President of FIABCI Italy and founder of Immobilsarda Giancarlo Bracco, describes the current situation of the tourism and real estate industry in Sardinia, emphasizing how this has changed over the last few decades and which perspectives are emerging for the future.
The importance of mass tourism continues to be crucial, but is somewhat overshadowed by the relevance of elite tourism, a 10 per cent, interested not only in an exclusive vacation in the earthly paradise represented by Sardinia, but also in the purchase of lots and prestigious villas on the island. For some time now the major international investors have made these charismatic villas something more than simple vacation homes, living them all year round and making them real centers of representation. In recent years, therefore, the splendid residences of Sardinia have expanded their role from luxury summer homes in places of business and diplomatic importance, where take place public relations and business are concluded.
The private airport Costa Smeralda is the second most important in Europe, while Olbia Airport sees every day take-off and landing of more than 300 private planes, this is a further proof of the great charm of Gallura and its 450 km of unspoilt coastline .
Bracco is keen to focus on the regional law of 1968, which restricted and regulated the overbuilding and housing development in Sardinia, thus making even more exclusive the properties on the island, that the founder of Immobilsarda compares to the great masterpieces of art, arguing that, as the latter, in time these properties can only be revalued, in light of their own inimitable uniqueness.
Essential, therefore, seem to be a careful study of a master plan for tourism in Sardinia and Gallura and the development of new marketing strategies aimed at promoting not only the unrivaled natural and landscape beauty of the island, but the best quality of life that only Sardinia can offer. Tranquility, genuine food, privacy and outdoor life, away from the frenetic and stressful rhythms of the city: these are the secret ingredients of good living and of the timeless charm of Sardinia.