Great Success at the Presentation of the New Villas ofParco del Pevero

Tuesday 9 August, ImmobilSarda organized a night for the presentation of the newest villas inside Parco del Pevero.

The night had the purpose of showing the unique features of the villas and their possible variation.
The absolute protagonists of the night were these magnificent properties. Combined with a welcome cocktail, brochures were provided and videos were projected for those who have participated. The guests had the chance to know better the extraordinary location of Parco del Pevero.

The Villas of Parco del Pevero

  • The Park

Parco del Pevero is an exceptional place: the flora, uncontested, had the chance to grow abundant and luxuriant. This was possible thanks to a strict building policy which Sardinia had adopted now for years to preserve its magnificent land, point of strength of its tourism.
Having the chance to grow undisturbed, the nature made the atmosphere here “magical”: inside, among the many wrapped and coloured plants with their scented flowers , it is easy to confuse the real for the “dream” being carried in a status of calm and relax that is difficult to obtain anywhere else.

  • The Villas

The project of these villas is an ambitious one: in total agreement with the local area, it has been tried to introduce modern elements inside a traditional and natural area. This was possible thanks to the superb work of the architect Jean Claude LeSuisse, very well known in Costa Smeralda. Here were chosen materials, colours and also parfumes that had to be modern but at the same time had to revoke the essence of the park. Even the interiors were thought to be respectfull to this location, with wide and bright locals. The result is a perfect and armonious fusion between modernity and tradition, between what it was and what it is.

  • Project Variation 

Always Immobilsarda had tried to satisfy its clients material and “spiritual” needs. For this reason the villas may had some variation under a specific request. Right now it is in development a project based on “minimal” art where to dominate are wide and continuos interiors.

This Open-House was a success! ImmobilSarda wants to thank all the public who attended with enthusiasm and all who have worked to make this night impeccable and perfect in its development.

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