Great Success for ImmobilSarda at The Milano Design Week 2023

The fourteenth edition of Brera Design Week has just ended with success and great numbers. A moment of encounter and reflection on the challenges of contemporary design in the historic heart of Milan, who reaffirms itself as a stage for design at the international level, contributing significantly to making Milan the world design capital. 

The participation of ImmobilSarda – Christie’s at Design Week with the exhibition “Wellness Homes: The Deisgn of Wellness in Gallura – Costa Smeralda” was a great success with the public.

Who appreciated with interest and curiosity the innovative projects of organic, sustainable design and architecture, presented in an immersive tour of the new biophilic villas in Sardinia.

Innovation, tradition, sustainability, elegance and attention to detail captured the imagination of visitors, architects, designers and buyers. 

The properties featured contemporary design, fine materials, open spaces with incredible views, and seamless integration of the surrounding environment. Visitors were able to take part in this incredible experience through models, installations and the virtual reality tour supported by the Oculus visor. 

Digital tours inside the properties allowed visitors to experience, an innovative architectural atmosphere firsthand. This is a new housing concept designed in accordance with the morphology of the land. The goal is to create an ideal microclimate and provide unobstructed livability between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing the public an immersive experience with nature. 

The event further enhanced the great work of ImmobilSarda, which has been operating in Costa Smeralda – Gallura since 1974.

And is now an established player in the luxury real estate market, in Sardinia and nationwide. The company stands out for its residential offer of high level and prestige, as well as for the architectural concept is based on the synergy between the home and the surrounding landscape resulting from the perfect fusion of real estate, neuroarchitecture and bioarchitecture. 

“The Future is Now” central theme of this edition, the future concept is closely linked to the work and culture of design.

During Design Week, sustainability is explored and highlighted by numerous brands, views and solutions are offered that reflect on the urgencies of our time.  ImmobilSarda’s new eco-wellnesses represent an authentic contemporary brand created by the team of consultants and architects. This brand is inspired by the concept of a high-quality living experience deeply rooted in the landscape. 

Through this exhibition, one is urged to meditate on real estate, architecture and environmental sustainability in Sardinia. “ImmobilSarda’s philosophy starts from the assumption that tourist real estate does not respond to a primary need for residence but rather must satisfy existential, emotional needs related to well-being and quality of life. And this is why precisely during the Milan design week we wanted to conceive the exhibition WELLNESS HOMES: THE DESIGN OF WELLNESS, proposing these issues to a wide and international audience,” comments Silvia Miorini, Group’s Marketing Manager. 

Building on the good result of the Design Week, ImmobilSarda proposes for the month of May a series of Weekend Open House at it’s Milan showroom in Graibaldi, 95.

During which the expert Property Coaches will be available to guide clients in selecting the best proposals and bargains in Gallura – Costa Smeralda and then define a dedicated tour in Gallura on site. 

The Open Houses represented a unique and valuable moment for clients who, at this time do not have the opportunity to travel to Sardinia to meet Immobilsarda – Christie’s sales consultants, and make a first selection of the residential proposals in Gallura best suited to their needs. With the opportunity to live an immersive experience through the Oculus viewer, inside the wellness biophilic villas already successfully previewed during the Fuori Salone.