5 seaside home maintenance tips you should not miss before coming back to town

Following these seaside home maintenance tips is fundamental for two reasons. Firstly, your real estate will be year-round ready to host your family or to be rent, for both weekend escapes and fall or spring holidays. If you own a seaside villa in Gallura-Emerald Coast, do not forget the mild Sardinian climate that lasts almost all the year. October and March often gift summery scented days. Secondly, a good seaside home maintenance preserves your real estate value, preventing more expensive maintenance works.

5 essential seaside home maintenance tips

Holidays are finished and it is time to lock your seaside home. Things you should do before coming back to town are 5. We listed out these useful home maintenance tips following the experienced Immobilsarda consultants. They punctually verify the state of properties before they are put on sale or for rent. Moreover, Immobilsarda supplies its selected customers with property management services as for real estate maintenance and for anything else regarding the economic efficiency and performances of each building.

1. Take care of your garden

Do not neglect your garden maintenance during winter. Only with a correct care during the coldest months, you will enjoy a charming green area in spring and summer. Rely on a professional gardener. Alternatively, ask if the residential complex, where your property is, supplies this kind of service. Here you have some tips about how to take care of your garden in winter:

  • regularly remove fallen leaves from the grass, which should not be cut too short;
  • fertilize the soil in late autumn and in spring;
  • irrigate the grass in the event of low rainfall.

Do not forget your elegant outdoor furniture. The best solution would be storing the outdoor furniture in the basement. Anyway, do it only if that room is not too cold and wet, otherwise the metal parties might oxidise and the wood might go rotten. Another solution is to ask the maintenance man to paint or protect them with special wood care products. If you do not have enough space indoor, protect the outdoor furniture with a PVC covering. Ask the maintenance man to place them away from the dampness of the swimming pool and to remove the rainwater that may accumulate.

2. Close your swimming pool

home maintenance tips: swimming poolDelaying the swimming pool maintenance to next summer may entail the risk of completely empting it. The pool should not be completely emptied during winter. Doing so, it may affect its structure.  Before sheltering your pool with a winter covering and turning off the filter pump, you should necessarily: clean the ground and the water surface; empty and clean skimmer baskets, filters and prefilters; shock the pool with chlorine. During the cold months, verify that the ph level is between 7.2 and 7.6. For more details, read this rough guide “Close your swimming pool for the winter”.

3. Clean your home

home maintenance tips: house cleaningOne of the first good home maintenance tips is thoroughly cleaning it. Cleaning your seaside home requires special care due to its major exposure to salt, dampness and wind. You may also consider an extraordinary maintenance using salt resistant materials. Use water repellent products on woody structures. It is advisable to have external doors, windows, gates, shutters and blinds made of aluminium. If the exterior walls are ruined, remember that you can use some special plaster for seaside homes.

Give the person or the company charged with the cleaning additional information. Ask them to:

  • vacuum soil and carpets, in order to remove sand and smaller residuals;
  • wash all removable parties of sofas, armchairs and pillows, vacuum accurately the other parties;
  • gently remove sand from the furniture surfaces in order to avoid scratches;
  • use salt repellent products for doors and windows.

4. Check your heating system

home maintenance tips: heating systemYou may think that it is too early for the heating system maintenance. In September, temperature is still warm. Anyway, checking the system would be useful, since you may plan some days at the sea during the warm Sardinian fall or spring. This is a maintenance good practice you really shouldn’t miss, since the system is never turned on nor checked during summer. Therefore, cleaning the heating system avoid bad news at your arrival and guarantee an efficient quick heating of the rooms.

Rely on a specialised heating system maintenance company. They will evaluate whether everything works properly. Or if the system needs to be clean. Immobilsarda consultants will be keen to suggest you the best professionals you can rely on.

5. Security system for villas

home maintenance tips: security systemImmobilsarda gives special attention to its selected customers privacy and security. Detached villas and luxury buildings of astonishing complexes of Sardinian North East coast are located in the most popular tourist places of Italy and of the world. In most cases, a team of expert professionals are entrusted of private security systems. Thanks to a sophisticated surveillance system, they support the local police service. Discover the most beautiful detached villas perfect for your privacy.

Anyway, before locking your seaside home door, you should personally verify doors, shutters, windows, gates and the functioning of the alarm and video surveillance systems. Check the weaker access points. These are the easier way to enter your villa, like gates, balconies and windows. Finally, you should also consider substituting your too old alarm and video surveillance system with a new more sophisticated one.


With these 5 home maintenance tips, you are now ready to close your seaside villa and come back to town with no worries. Thanks to its experience, Immobilsarda, leader property finder of Gallura-Emerald Coast luxury real estate, does not only help you finding the best property for your needs. Our expert consultants support you managing and maintaining your home after the purchase.