5 ways to visit Sardinia and its most beautiful places

visit Sardinia

We have selected for you 5 ways to visit Sardinia and make your stay unforgettable. These travel solutions are suitable both to those who have rented an apartment on the coast for a few days as well as for the owners of houses and villas by the sea who are used to spend several months each year on this wonderful island. Continue to read and choose how you prefer to reach the best things to visit in Sardinia depending on you are a lover of sea, speed, exclusivity, or luxury.

Visit Sardinia by sea, sky, and land

1. Holidays on sail boat and yacht

visit Sardinia on boatIf you own a sail boat, a yacht, a catamaran you just have to raise anchor and go. Otherwise you can rent your boat with or without skipper in one of the many local marinas. The most well-equipped tourist ports of Sardinia are in Gallura-Emerald Coast: the marina of Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Cannigione, Palau.

The best time to sail in Sardinia is from May to June. In these months, you will have the impression that you are already in summer without however the typical hot of August. In addition, it may happen that some of the most beautiful Sardinian beaches will be empty, entirely at your disposal. In your itinerary, you should not miss a tour of La Maddalena Archipelago. These islands are part of a marine protected area. So, you must observe some rigid navigation rules. For the rest, enjoy that marvellous panorama!

2. Visit Sardinia by flying

Visiting Sardinia on board a small airplane or helicopter is ideal for those who are passionate about flying or for those who want to try an adrenaline experience. The island is equipped with numerous flying fields. The best time runs from April to November, except for July and August. If you are not owner of any aircraft, ask to operators who arrange panoramic flights or rent a small tourist plane. At the private airport terminal of Olbia Costa Smeralda, Eccelsa, you can rent a helicopter quickly and with exclusive services and comforts.

Among the locations in Sardinia to be seen from a plane we suggest the southwest coast. The itinerary takes over an hour from Cagliari and arrives to Masua. From your privileged location, you will enjoy an exceptional view of Cagliari, the islands of Sant’Antioco and Carloforte, the very photographed Pan di Zucchero rock and some suggestive mines overlooking the sea.

3. Bicycle tours for experts or pleasant walks in old town centres

visit Sardinia by bicycleFor sports addicted, there is the bicycle. It is exciting to visit Sardinia by bike. Most Sardinian tourist towns have been equipped for rental service; lots of city centres have cycle lanes. The little town of Cannigione, near Porto Cervo, has a new 2 km promenade for cyclists.

You can use your bike just to get lost in the streets of these picturesque villages and towns by the sea. The historic centres of Santa Teresa di Gallura or Alghero are perfect for cycling among renowned boutiques and a drink before lunch. But Sardinia is also a real paradise for enthusiasts of tours by bike on asphalt or on dirt roads. Here you can find a cycling guide of Sardinia with 5 itineraries divided into 24 stages to explore the island on two wheels.

4. Sardinia by bike

visit Sardinia by bikeIn Sardinia, you will find some of the most impressive Italian panoramic roads, sometimes chosen as set for advertising of cars. The island has a road network that stretches for 12.500 km. The numerous height differences make these routes even more enjoyable.

Those who want to make a tour of Sardinia by motorbike must absolutely drive along these two stretches of road:

  • the coastal road from Alghero to Bosa, 40 km of difficult curves along the northwest coast. The curves follow one another among cliffs overlooking the sea and immersed in the Mediterranean scrub. There are numerous parking areas to take stunning pictures. It is recommended to drive along this road during sunset towards Alghero.
  • the SS125 between Barbagia and Ogliastra regions. This stretch of the Orientale Sarda, which is long more than 300 km long from Cagliari to Olbia (here you can find an itinerary in 10 stages to visit the east coast of Sardinia), is the most impressive, suspended between Gennargentu mountains and the turquoise sea of the Gulfs of Orosei and Baunei.

5. Visit Sardinia with the wind in your hair

visit Sardinia by carFor those who cannot give up the car, either for personal needs (e.g. families with children) and because the car is the most comfortable vehicle, we recommend you should travel on a cabriolet model car. A convertible is the perfect car to enjoy the wonders of these low coast washed by the turquoise sea that goes from Olbia to Palau. With the wind in your hair you will reach the most exclusive places of Gallura-Emerald Coast: the gulf of Porto Rotondo, Portisco, Porto Paglia, Porto Cervo. And then further north from Baia Sardinia to Palau till the typical village of Porto Rafael. Alternatively, drive along the other sandy stretch of Orientale Sarda road, from Costa Rei to Muravera, with its beautiful wild beaches.


Visiting Sardinia by sea, land or sky will astonish you. The island gives a surprise behind every curve; wave after wave, you will come to wonderful beaches; from the sky, you will appreciate its endless variety of its landscape. As a starting point, we suggest you choose an apartment for rent or a villa for sale in Gallura-Emerald Coast for 3 reasons:

  1. easy access to Sardinia via the port of Olbia, Olbia Costa Smeralda airport and the private terminal Eccelsa;
  2. along the northwest coast there are some of the most beautiful streets and coves to visit in Sardinia;
  3. the towns of Gallura-Emerald Coast are the most well-equipped of the island for assistance and rental of boats, cars, motorcycles, and ultra-light planes thanks to their long experience in luxury tourism.