The Conference on “Human and Urban Regeneration – Scenarios and Opportunities for the Revitalization of Urban Centers”, organized by the National Association of Building Constructors (ANCE), took place in Sassari on Thursday, 25th January. The event brought together leading experts in the field, all in agreement on future prospects focused on the human and urban renewal of Sardinia. 

The organizers emphasized the urgent need to collectively pursue growth perspectives for the island by developing new comprehensive regulatory plans and showcasing successful examples of urban redevelopment on a national scale. For the first time in Sassari, the theme of redevelopment was addressed to tackle the challenges of the future and the international market that the region will face. Speakers contributed suggestions and experiences, highlighting the importance of cooperating between all stakeholders, both public and private. 

The debate was enriched by the interventions of the speakers, coordinated by Architect Toshikazu Winter, a sustainable construction expert, who recalled Renzo Piano’s vision of redevelopment as a patch in a complex tapestry with an eye to the future. 

Giancarlo Bracco, CEO&Founder of Immobilsarda, was invited by the ANCE presidency to provide his successful entrepreneurial testimony. For over 50 years, the company has embraced concepts such as Unicum, Well-being, Nature, Sustainability, Territorial Enhancement and Awareness – crucial themes in addressing the issue discussed in the debate. 

The Conference addressed current topics, focusing on improving the quality of life for residents and urban regeneration. Gallura – Costa Smeralda emerges as an excellent and leading example in sustainable construction, serving as inspiration for other areas of the Island slated for redevelopment. 

Looking to the future and innovations, Immobilsarda has consistently promoted projects in Biophilic Design and Neuro-Architecture – sustainable and innovative initiatives where architecture and design enhance the well-being of people in a perfect fusion of habitat and nature. These disciplines are essential to safeguard a rare and ancient land like Sardinia, where environment, nature, eco-sustainability, tranquility, vast pristine spaces, colors, scents, beauty and brightness blend seamlessly for physical and mental well-being. 

The purpose of the intervention was to reiterate the importance of working together to bring widespread benefits to the entire territory.