Sardinia: tourism of excellence

Starting from the ’70s in Sardinia – Costa Smeralda, thanks to work of the Agha Khan and his team of architects – artists, it began a new architectural concept of urban development, which has created great benefits for the whole area and has progressively transformed the concept of villa, from simple home to “small business ” rooted in the territory.

The investments made in accordance with this view have produced great benefits for the environment; Each luxury property built along the coasts of the Island was in fact designed not just as an independent one, but as a system which interact with the environment.

The large villas are now able to create a secondary economic activity for 15-20 people throughout the year , including gardeners , housekeepers , maintenance workers , janitors , etc. , coming to have a number of employees nearly equal to that of a small business.

The continuous demand for quality and excellence has also resulted in the constant search for new improvements, pushing the owners to contact the local craftsmen, who are incentivized to work more and more according to the criteria of professionalism, with benefits for the whole territory.

To rely on a development that focuses on the concept hotel_caladivolpeof luxury, in its most authentic version linked to the presence of top level service and high quality standards, means to enhance the entire area with its excellent art, architecture and landscape, going beyond the traditional offerings.
This example highlights the importance of evaluating the positive side the crisis.

Starting from the awareness of the uniqueness and richness of the Italian resources, it is possible to think of a model of real estate development that respects the local characteristics of authenticity , focusing on the balance between tradition and innovation, with particular care for the preservation of ecology and eco-sustainability.