In my opinion, creativity is the reflection of character, will, and self-expression

Today Costa Smeralda, architecture, and art have lost something. From now on the genius of Savin Couëlle won’t shine upon us, but still remains immortal through its works.” With this kind words Consorzio della Costa Smeralda honors Savin Couëlle, Jacques’s son and contributor, who has created the unique Costa Smeralda style.

Born French but “adopted” by the Sardinia that he always loved, Savin has been with his father the mind behind some of the most important and original architectural works in Costa Smeralda since 1962. Savin has been the one who has given shape to Jacques’s dreams.

In 1965, he designed La Maison du Port in Porto Cervo. In 1971, he worked on the enlargement of Cala di Volpe. And then he has made “La Capitaneria” apartments as well as “Cala Corallina” complex and “Poggio di Cala Granu” complex. This is just a part of Savin Couëlle’s inheritance.

Iconic are its villas nestled along all Costa Smeralda, known as “Ville Couëlle” and among the most desired ones.

Savin Couelle Works

Savin Couëlle’s villas are homes within the nature, with a strong “charisma” that rise from the granite stones and the Mediterranean maquis. These villas “has to see but not be seen”, designed with curves, wooden ceilings, niches, and artistic details, made with rare high-quality materials by local artisans, the only capable to understand and interpret the architect vision.

A visionary and an innovator, Savin Couëlle has defined and preserved Costa Smeralda style and tradition, but adding something from himself: his genius.

As Immobilsarda we are honored to remember him by quoting some words of his that speak about those values we care more about: those of an architecture in harmony with the Nature, sustainable, organic, original, and creative, but yet respectful of tradition and human needs.

<< In my opinion, creativity is the reflection of character, will, and self-expression. I like a challenge when I see one. Every new design is a challenge. I like to think that architecture it is not mere aesthetic, but a way to create places to live in. Architecture is the realization of humanistic philosophy.  >> (Q. Savin Couëlle Interviewed for Tracce)

Julia Bracco experience with Savin Couelle work

Julia Bracco, Immobilsarda – Christie’s Head of Sales in Porto Cervo, has been recently interviewed by The New York Times about Savin Couëlle’s architecture in Costa Smeralda. She has described one of the genius first work, a stazzu known as The Charming House in Pantogia, redesigned by him in the green settings of Pantogia hills facing the charming Pevero gulf.

Its architectural style is unique. The villa becomes a piece of art that blends in the nature with details of its own: the niches, the ceilings, the materials, the use of wood and other natural elements, the spaces, the iconic fireplace, one of its typical signatures as reminded by Julia Bracco, but also respect for the tradition and the history of the house. Read the article here >>

Savin Cuelle Villas: a selection made by Immobilsarda of his villas for sale and/or for rent

Villa Sirea
Charming House in Pantogia
Villa Petra Manna
Villa Le Grotte
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