ImmobilSarda is on air with the campaign The Geography of Wellness-Wellness Homes

ImmobilSarda is on air with its new advertising campaign The Geography of Wellness-Wellness Homes in Gallura published in Costa Smeralda’s leading magazines and in the company’s house organ. This new advertising campaign boasts the aerial map of Gallura and the Wellness Homes of the real estate portfolio.

The visual The Geography of Wellness Homes in Gallura was ofificially launched during Design Week in April. New projects for bio-villas and biophilic design in Gallura were presented in Milan’s showroom.

The decision to use the map of Gallura as a visual element of an advertising campaign is significant and runs like a thread through the company’s offline and online communications.

On the one hand, it is an eye-catching look that allows one to understand precisely, on a visual level, the highlights of this territory that can be compared to a large natural reserve in the heart of the Mediterranean: 450 km of coastline, it’s 25 Archipelagos and Marine Parks, the low presence of urban centers, an area of significant naturalistic impact and sustainability, protected for more than 50 years by strict urban planning regulations to protect the site and its coast.

The map also shows the ImmobilSarda Group’s major flagship for 2023, which will be built along the coast in the most strategic and scenic waterfront locations. Unique and rare places where the projects and properties have unrepeatable, priceless, and exceptional features thanks to the regulations for protecting the landscape.

On the west side of the Coast, they are starting with new eco-villas and biophilic villas on the sea in Borgo Harenae in Cannigione, to new residential projects with innovative, organic, and sustainable villas in the water in Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, and Capo Ceraso. New projects characterized by innovative sustainable design and architecture perfectly integrated with landscape and nature will enhance the area and can be an architectural landmark.

The history of ImmobilSarda is closely linked to the history of the Sardinian region of Gallura-Costa Sneralda, which with its 450km of unspoiled coastline, islands, and bays has been a protected environment since 1968 by landscape restrictions that regulate the construction of the properties within 3 km of the sea.

ImmobilSarda’s undisputed knowledge in the fields adds a solid international vocation, leading the company to partner and member of some of the most exclusive networks: Christie’s International Real Estate, and EREN-European Real Estate Network.

The same characteristics that make Gallura-Costa Smeralda one of the most desirable and unique places in the Mediterranean have made ImmobilSarda an established reality in the luxury real estate sector. It combines passion, tradition, professionalism, and innovation to offer high-quality services and products.

ImmobilSarda has focused its business relationships on the needs of its costumers, offering them experience, expertise, and professionalism.

The geography of Wellness Homes in Gallura is also an excellent reference point to identify all the offices and agencies of ImmobilSarda. The presence of the group in the area is easily identifiable by the pins dedicated to esch show room: from Portobello to Santa Teresa di Gallura, Porto Rafael, Palau, Porto Cervo Marina, and Porto Cervo Center, up to Capo Ceraso Olbia airport, and Puntaldia.

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