Immobilsarda presents the “Sardinia Quality World”: Sardinia, the longevity island in the middle of the Mediteranean | 31 January – 01 February

Immobilsarda hosts in its showroom in Milan:
The “Sardinia Quality World”: Sardinia, the longevity island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea


Immobilsarda is a deeply-rooted reality in Sardinian territory since 1974, and it continues to promote this land in its most natural and healthy worth. Sardinia is able to shape abstract concepts as quality life and wellness, not only thanks to the incomparable beauty or the pure air, but keeping alive old traditions, as family, art, music, customs, traditions, craftmanship but especially cooking tradition.

Insula is a container, that is moving its first steps in the north-east part of the island, for formative projects, start up and innovation, that aim for enhance and tell Sardinia through its economic sectors: food farming, navigation, design, craftmanship and old professions.

Immobilsarda and INSULA. A partnership with a common purpose, the advancement of the Sardinian territory and excellences.


Immobilsarda is proud to welcome in its offices in Milan, in Via Visconti di Modrone, a national event: “Sardinia Quality World”, promoted by the territorial marketing platform INSULA, devoted to the promotion, distribution and sharing of the excellence productions in Sardinia, with a focus on agrifood, wine productors and design.
A project that underline the importance of the territorial handmade and of the Sardinian manufacturing art, and that wants to link the product of the Sardinian country with internationals markets.

An event that sanctions the collaboration of two different “families” but with a common purpose, ImmobilSarda and INSULA, promoters of the territory, of its excellences, of the life quality and of the unique lifestyle, that marks Sardinia in all the Mediterranean area.

“This important meeting wants to be the first of a series of events with CIPNES and INSULA that in the following months will be replied in Porto Cervo and Costa Smeralda, where both the companies boast two promotional spaces/showrooms in the Marina”. Comments Giancarlo Bracco CEO and founder IMMOBILSARDA. “To be chosen by a prestigious reality as INSULA to inaugurate this first national event in Milan, is for us reason of pride. The event will be like a journey, looking for unique tastes and flavours, to discover how much beauty, passion and culture Sardinia infuses also through the food. Since our beginnings we work in Sardinia supporting with passion fundamental worth as quality life, wellness, sustainability, longevity, safety of the territory and environment, essential elements also in the real estate market”.


When and where: 31 of January – 1° February Showroom in Milan

The event will stand from 31 of January to 1° of February, in the IMMOBILSARDA historical showroom in
Milan – Via U. Visconti di Modrone, 29
that will transform for the event in a dedicated full immersion space, for the promotion of the Sardinian excellences as enogastronomic and craftmanship local products, and for a showcooking, where you can taste the products that compose the Sardinian – Mediterranean diet, also called the “centenary diet”, (indeed Sardinia boast with the Okinawa island the highest relation
between inhabitants and centenaries and it is one of the 5 Blue Zone in the world).

With the presence of prestigious institutional proponent as the mayor of Arzchena Roberto Ragnedda and the council premier Rino Cudoni, the Direction of C.I.P.N.E.S. will meet the most important operators of national and international distribution system, stakeholders and top-quality entrepreneur in catering and receptionist’s sectors.

The event is divided in two steps, the first one with the presentation of the different local productions followed by an explanation of the products and their nutraceutical properties, while the second one with the presentation of a menu thought and realized by INSULA’s chefs, through the gastronomical transformation of the Sardinian production chain.


Sardinia Longevity Food

The perfect balance between quality life and a diet rich of natural products, gives to this magical land the longevity record.

Indeed Sardinia, has a territory of 24.000 km2 with a low density of people, just 69 inhabitants per km2 and boasts with the Okinawa island the highest relation between inhabitants and ultra-centenaries (22 each 100.000), and it is part of the areas known as “Blue-Zones”, place with the highest longevity in the world (Sardinia, Okinawa, Costa Rica, Loma Linda, Ikaria) all linked by some strategic characteristics: a diet based on natural and agricultural products rich in nutraceutical worth, physical movements, little community life, agropastoral culture of local people.

To support these worth on internationals platforms, CIPNES promoted a business net of different production chains that work in agrifood, known as Sardinia Longevity Food, a big sphere of Sardinian enterprises specialized in the production of high-quality food.


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Insula – Sardinia Longevity World
Territorial marketing platform in Sardinia, technological and multifunctional pole, now in phase of construction, overlooking the Gulf of Olbia, on an area of 100.000 sqm, INSULA uses a technical network composed by the central expo space in the charming gulf of Olbia, by the edge commercial points Insula Sardinia Village made up of enduring promotional islands set up in touristic locations and by the temporary stores set up for promotional events in commercial galleries, markets and receptionist group (restaurants and hotels). INSULA marketing program includes the launch of a network of promotional units, called “Insula-Sardinia Village” located in touristic areas of strategical importance (on June 2019 will be inaugurate the promotional hub INSULA, in the harbour of Porto Cervo Marina, in the heart of Costa Smeralda), a franchising program dedicated to the launch of a enogastronomic corners net, identified by the brand “Insula – Sardinia Longevity World”, set up In commercial mall, airports and shopping center, and the implementation of an international program of Sardinian production chains, through the realisation of workshop, educational tour and trade show looking for new commercial partners.